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Maintaining Flawless Skin for Spring

May 25, 2016 - 77 Comments

Advertorial in Collaboration with SK-II

I say this a lot, but skincare is super important to me–after all, you only get one face. Those of you who follow me on snapchat see a lot of my daily skincare routine, but an important thing that I don’t usually talk about is that your lifestyle really impacts how healthy your skin is. It’s not all about using a lot of products every day.skii2 skii3

Products aren’t everything, but they do still matter. Lately, I’ve been starting my routine with the Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. What is an essence, you may ask? It’s a miracle water with over 90% PiteraTM, a clear liquid rich in vitamins that combats signs of aging and helps your skin to have a glowing look! To use the Facial Treatment Essence, I just put some drops in my hands and I apply it directly to my face.

Another thing I always always try to do is stay hydrated throughout the day. I’m constantly drinking water or juice. My favorite juice is called Cream Party from a place in L.A. called Juice Served Here. It’s made up of coconut water and coconut cream. It’s sooo delicious and hydrating and the best way to start the morning.

aimee_song_of_style_sk-ii_skincareExercise is another important factor. I used to love going hiking with my friends or my dogs, but they recently closed down my favorite trail. Now whenever I’m in L.A. I make sure to get in some cardio or boxing and go see my trainer, Patrick. My favorite time is to go early in the morning because it gets your endorphins going and gets you in the right mindset to stay healthy for the rest of the day!

Wearing the épique tee from Two Songs

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