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Currently in Cannes: Anna October


song_of_style_anna_october_dress_gucci_bagI discovered a new designer named Anna October while shopping for pieces to wear during my Cannes trip. I’m wearing the Stealing Beauty Ruffled Crepe Dress and I’m totally in love! It’s so easy, yet all the ruffles and the off the shoulder make it fancy and whimsical at the same time.

Anna October also has other beautiful pieces that are perfect for vacation (I love this top and this dress). The dress I wore was ideal for Cannes though since Cannes tends to be a bit fancy (everyone is in gowns all the time) and if I don’t need to, I don’t like being super overdressed so I’d rather go with something like this piece that is dressy but still simple and easy to wear.aimee_song_of_style_anna_october_proenza_schouler_shoesaimee_song_of_style_gucci_dionysusaimee_song_of_style_anna_october_gucci_proenza aimee_song_of_style_anna_october_dress_proenza_schouler_shoesAlso, these Proenza Schouler shoes I got might just be the best purchase I’ve made this season because they go with everything. aimee_song_of_style_anna_october_dress_self_portrait_sunniesaimee_song_of_style_anna_october_dress aimee_song_of_style_anna_october_self_portait_gucci_dionysus aimee_song_of_style_gucci_dionysus_self_portrait_anna_octoberThe Gucci Dionysus bag was a surprise gift from Jacopo that he got me during his trip to Milan. Although I like nice things, when it comes to gifts, I really don’t care about materialistic things. I like experiences and feelings more than actual presents so this came to me as a surprise. It’s so weird receiving gifts but I mean… I obviously love it since it’s been on my wish list for quite a bit!

I love the color red and this bag has the perfect red accents. Ah! I can’t get over how sweet Jacopo is and so excited for my European trip with him. Spending time with him and getting to explore different cities make the long distance worth it!aimee_song_of_style_anna_october_self_portrait_le_specs_sunniesaimee_song_of_style_anna_october_dress_self_portrait(Ok, I’ll stop being corny now, sorry)

Anna October Stealing Beauty Ruffled Crepe Dress (similar here by Self-Portrait)
Proenza Schouler shoes
Gucci Dionysus bag (also in plain beige, black suede, and blue details instead of red like mine)
Self Portrait x Le Specs Sunnies

Photos by Jacopo Moschin

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  2. Oh my Goddd that dress is absolutely unreal!! I love those shoes and bag too! My jaw honestly dropped when I saw this outfit!

    I just looked at the dress and the other Anna October stuff, and would totally get something if it were anywhere close to my price range haha. Maybe in a few years! It’s so ethereal and feminine yet unique.

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

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  6. I love that dress on you, and also that gucci bag is so gorgeous! :) I must say I am not big fan of shoes, but all in all whole outfit is gorgeous on you xo .

  7. What a beautifully designed bag! I love the flowery designs and the way it is accented by the red too! It bodes extremely well with your outfit too! Which. might I add, is very, very frilly but it certainly exemplifies your amazing figure and the aesthetic that you’re going for! Keep these wonderfiul posts coming Aimee!

    Handmade Exotic Leather Accessories: Made in England

  8. That whole outfit is just amazing, especially that dress!its the type of dress I would a movie scene where the guy and a girl finally get together, and hen it rains, of course. Lol, anyways amazing post!!

  9. I love this dress – It’s so easy to dress it down but to also make it quite fancy, and a good versatile piece is what makes the perfect wardrobe! The colour as well looks fabulous on you, you fit right into Cannes, especially with that gorgeous smile!

    I know what you mean about experiences for gifts – recently my best friends bought me a photoshoot experience for my birthday – it was one of my favourite gifts, but when someone gets you something that has been on your wish list for ages, it’s bound to make you happy!Enjoy the bag, it’s gorgeous!


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  11. Loving this Gucci look I am obsessed! This light blue ruffled dress is so beautiful. I have been loving what Gucci has turned into lately. Plus, that floral bag is so beautiful I would die to have one even for a day. I think this is the ideal spring look that is so effortlessly chic. Plus those shoes are to die for. You look beautiful!