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It’s time for New York Fashion Week! This is one of my favorite times of year for so many reasons, but I especially love it because I get to see so many of my friends from all around the world who I don’t get to see very often. It’s such an amazing time and we always come back for more. I want you guys to get the inside scoop, so I asked a few of my friends some questions about their fashion week experiences, like how they pack and plan, things that surprised them, and how fashion week is different for them now compared to when they first started. Some of them you may already know, but others you might not, so be sure to check out their blogs too!

aimee song of style nyfw interviewCamila Coelho, blogger

What are your must-have beauty products?
Top 1 on my list is the Caudalie Au de Beauté Mist – which works perfect as a primer before your makeup, and amazing as a setting spray, to give your skin a natural glowy and healthy complexion! I cannot live without it!

#2. My Tarte Clay Pot Gel liner – cat eye is a must for me during fashion week (there Isn’t always a lot of time to create an elaborated eye look haha). I love the Clay Pot because it is super black and it goes on so smooth!

#3 Mini Korres Face Masks – On such busy days running around, changing outfits and sometimes even makeup, your skin deserves a little treat! I love these Korres masks; not only they are organic, but also very practical and it makes my skin feel and look so good the next day! I usually do one each day, before going to bed! I love all the flavors ❤

What shoes are you bringing to NYFW? Especially since it’s going to snow and possibly be icy?
Definitely a pair of over the knee boots to keep me warm, in case I want to wear a skirt.

What don’t people know about fashion week?
That there are a lot of non-glamour moments as well! Like the struggle of having to change inside a cab in between shows, because you don’t have time to go back to the hotel! Haha

What was your first show and how is your first fashion week experience different from now?
My first show was Jonathan Saunders at LFW, a year after I started blogging. The difference from then I wouldn’t have an assign seat, most times I would stand. Today, fortunately a lot of the designers know who I am and I get to sit front row and watch the shows up close.

aimee song of style nyfw interviewSoojoo Park, model, photo courtesy of Style du Monde

As a highly sought after model, you do a lot of shows. How do you prep your skin, especially since you use tons of different make-up show after show?
I prep my skin with a lot of cream and leave-in masks. During fashion week (months) our skin has to deal with stress, extra makeup for long hours. I put on a little bit of serum on and use L’Oreal Hydrafresh leave-in gel mask which is super hydrating and not sticky. I try to make sure I cleanse my skin thoroughly every night–I use Banila Co. Clean It Zero which melts almost all makeup off, then with a hot steam towel wash it off with a foaming cleanser (like the one from Koh Gen Do with Oriental Plants).

What is your footwear choice?
Slick sneakers like Y-3 Qasas, or Chelsea boots

Do you remember your first fashion week experience? How is it different from now?
Here (and here) are some of my thoughts on living as a a fashion week model

What is the biggest challenge during fashion week/month that people may not know?
Nothing is as of a bigger challenge than wishing you had clones of yourself or the ability to be present in multiple places so you can do all of the five things happening at the same time. (FOMO)

aimee song of style nyfw interview

Connie Wang, editor, Refinery29

As an editor who goes to multiple shows throughout the day, what shoes can you wear without sacrificing style especially in snowy NY weather?
I’m a huge proponent of flats. HUGE. After spending Fashion Week slipping on ice, throwing out my back, and bleeding so much my shoe wouldn’t stay on (you’d think I would have learned earlier, right?), I don’t wear heels anymore, except for in rare situations. But, I’m short, so I do like a little height. I’ve been wearing flatforms with grippy treads that keep me elevated above the slush and snow, but won’t be a disaster on ice. I just bought a pair of Toga platforms (sold out but similar here) that are going to be my everyday shoe during Fashion Week.

Do you remember your first fashion show? How is the experience different from now?
I was covering Fashion Week for the now defunct Radar Magazine (I took a week off from school, because, dreams!). I had no idea what I was doing, and my editor had kindly helped me through the process for requesting invites and organizing my shows. Because it was one of the first times the magazine covered fashion, and because it was a print magazine, I somehow was placed front row. It was a designer I wasn’t familiar with, an aesthetic that I definitely wasn’t into, but it was still one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. Of course, that first show was an anomaly — I spent years fighting for a standing spot and sneaking into shows, and eventually making my way back toward the front row, but that first show gave me a taste of what fashion shows could be that I never stopped chasing.

What makes a show stand out other than the clothes and styling? Now there’s a whole production going on. Is it necessary?
I’m always so appreciative of when a show speaks to an idea that’s bigger than just “these clothes are cool.” It could be as political as Pyer Moss who used police brutality as a starting point for his collection. Or Eckhaus Latta who designs clothes explicitly for a variety of body types. Or even Gucci, who tapped into this very modern idea of a vintage-heavy, mix-and-match approach that felt like a statement of how most women dress. It’s not necessary, of course, but it makes the clothes more meaningful, and I think that’s always a good thing (as long as it’s genuine — I think people can see right through a gimmick that’s done for the sake of a gimmick).

Winter skin survival secrets?
#1) My humidifier. #2) The Laneige water sleeping mask. #3) Not wearing wool (I realized that I was always itchy in the winter because I have a sensitivity toward lanolin and wool fibers!).

aimee song of style nyfw interviewCaroline Issa, Fashion Director, Tank Magazine

As an editor and now designer, what do you look for when you go to shows?
As the Fashion Director of Tank, I am attending the shows to see the new collections and help shape an idea of what we will want to shoot, write about and promote in he upcoming issues of our quarterly magazine. While shows are being rethought and debated as to usefulness, there is no denying that an amazing fashion show can change your perception of a brand and a designer in an instant and is an incredibly powerful tool when done well.  Tank doesn’t cover trend as it has more of a timeless perspective – we want our fashion shoots and features to be just as relevant when you pick up the magazine 8 years down the line – but we appreciate craftsmanship, storytelling and beautiful ideas and look to the shows to help with inspiration for our planning of shoots.

Why is it important (or is it?) to attend fashion shows during fashion month?
I have been attending the shows for the past twelve years and I value the time I spend at them for the fashion knowledge and history it gives me as an editor as to the DNA of a brand, the authentic stories it tells (or doesn’t!) and the evolution of a designer! And let’s face it, there are some pretty amazing parties and people I get to meet and hang out with six times a year!!

How are you going to stay warm this fashion week? Choice of footwear?
Shows in Feb and March are always tricky as I definitely favour warmth and comfort over fashion and showing off my new shiny Spring buys! So you will find me in my Nordstrom Signature and Caroline Issa Fall coats, A Jason Wu big chubby pink fur coat, cashmere trousers by Victor Alfaro and a Baartman and Siegel furry hat in New York! And I welcome clumpy winter boots if there is snow – though Jimmy Choo and LK Bennett normally have pretty nice winter boots!

You travel a fair amount. What is your beauty secret or must-haves this fashion week?
I do tend to live on a plane nowadays! In fact, I am writing this while on one! I always slather on good moisturiser before a flight – currently using a lot of Estée Lauder products – and glossier dotcom lipbalm. I also like to travel with a scented candle for my hotel room so that I bring with me a familiar and lovely smell so it doesn’t feel like so far from home.  Dior candles and Perfumer H are my go tos at the moment! And earphones for my addiction to podcasts! Master and Dynamic are the ones that I use at the moment!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or cafe that you always stop by during NYFW?
There’s a tiny cafe in the west village called Bonseigneur that I love – their cookies are amazing. And it’s so small that I go for a little coffee pick me up and breather and it’s near Cass magazine bookshop where I can check up on tank :)
aimee song of style nyfw interview
Pernille Teisbaek, Fashion Director, The You Way, photo courtesy of A Love is Blind

You’ve become a street style favorite (I myself have saved so many of your images for inspiration!) What will your go to be this fashion week?
Thank you – making me blush! As it’s probably gonna be freezing cold ( hopefully not as crazy cold as last time) I will rock loads of layers – something Scandinavians often masters – the layering trend.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in NY? Also, favorite neighborhood for juice/coffee?
I always stay at Soho Grand hotel, which I often refer to as my home away from home. I love the area, where I always browse around in between shows. My favourite restaurant is Waverly Inn – the food there is absolutely amazing and it is so cosy and intimate there. 

It’s probably going to be snowing during NYFW. What footwear would you be sporting?
Boots and sneakers – depending on the space left in my suitcase, which probably is quite limited, I will bring my Louis Vuitton hiking boots. 


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  2. HOLY.MOLY. For some reason my eyes were completely glued to the screen for this post. I usually love your posts, but I especially love how you interviewed these women. I am such a sucker for in depth opinion pieces. Thank you for this! I hope I get to attend a show one day. Also, thanks for asking all of them for shoe advice. I loved how they all have different opinions! haha

  3. Thank you! I’m so glad it made you laugh out loud! I should feel bad that everyone in your office looked at you like a crazy person, but I think that’s funny, so I’m having a hard time conjuring up any real remorse! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and for leaving such a nice comment! It really means a lot to me.

  4. Great piece. Love to see their shoe and skin care advice. Any tips for an ecommerce clothing stylist who is passionate about the industry and in NY this week to find a way to experience in fashion week in some way?