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Black Flare Pants and Vlog with Shiona Turini


aimee song from song of style with Shiona wearing flare pantsI packed my black flare pants because it seemed appropriate for New York. We had a white snowy day here and growing up in California, I hadn’t actually seen snow falling from the sky until I came to New York couple of years ago. Since I’ve been doing fashion week for several years now, this time I was much more prepared than before (ahem, YSL pumps in the snow anyone?) and learned my lesson on proper footwear and outfit. After the Jeremy Scott show, Shiona and I headed to the Phillip Lim Show in the snow. On our way, I filmed a video with her that’s up on my YouTube! If you don’t know her, Shiona came to New York from Bermuda to make it and kill it in the fashion industry but not only is she making a name in fashion but is just an all around amazing person that you wish was your best friend. Luckily for you guys, I did a mini video with her in our short car ride which you can check out below!aimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nycaimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nyc Been into just wearing one statement earring at a time. I’m wearing a Dior earring and carrying a Louis Vuitton petit malle clutch as an accent for my all black outfit. aimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nycaimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nye shiona It’s so important to have amazing girls as friends. What I love about Shiona the most is that she’s a girl’s girl. She’s so uplifting and I just love her energy not to mention, she’s got such an enviable wardrobe. She’s in a Dior coat and carrying a Valentino bag.aimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nycMy fantastic driver, Lenwood! He is such a gentleman!! (and handsome, plus look at the shearling jacket he is wearing!) Lexus provided a car for me for a few days during fashion week and I got so lucky to have Lenwood drive me from show to show. I kind of felt like a lil’ princess having him always picking me up in a blacked out Lexus! Also, I was able to do my multiple outfit changes in the car (have you seen that video?) and seriously he made fashion week so much easier! I had to get a photo opp. with him!aimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nycaimee song from song of style wears flare pants in snowy nyc

Keepsake Black flare pants (very similar and only $30 here and also at Nasty Gal!!)
Love and Lemons black (or white) v-neck sweater (similar Vince version here and Derek Lam here)
Vintage black faux fur coat (very similar here and here)

photos by Nicholas Pakradooni


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  2. Love love your style! I like Shiona’s style too but she comes across as being a bit label obsessed and somewhat arrogant. Sigh!

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  4. Okay, so let me first start off with saying how down right fabulous you look, Aimee! I adore those earrings and clutch perfect pieces for adding some pop and statements to an all black outfit. I love Shiona, she’s so real and I love that about her and yes, her style is epic and so is yours! Both inspirations and I loved watching the vid! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great day so far, beauty!



  5. There are so many things that pop in this outfit. The earrings and the clutch. The coat is so cute also, I really want one of those, one day!
    Love the out!


  6. Everything about this is so gorgeous! I love how you gave an all black outfit some interest with the use of textures. The idea to wear one statement earring is genius. It solves the problem of earrings that have lost their matches or large earrings seeming too clunky. I can’t believe the snow! It is so magical! But in reality probably freezing haha. Hope fashion week was fab!

  7. Such gorgeous pictures in the snow (though I know it must’ve been so cold to shoot) <3 Really appreciate all that you do for such great photos! And of course, your outfit is perfect too! Nothing like all black with just a touch of color through a statement earring :)

    XO, Elizabeth

  8. I love this. You guys look great. I love the black coat. And you hair looks so nice. Especially with that weather.

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  10. Loving the black on black with those killer statement earnings. The Vlogs are now what i wait for everyday, its so amazing to get an insight into fashion week!!

  11. The photos are absolutely beautiful! The snow looks really pretty and I love the Dior earring on you! I hope you had a great time during fashion week!

    Kind regards from Germany and stay warm in cold NYC

  12. LOL. I love all your outfits Aimee. Even in the snow you make your outfits look amazing. The scenery is just beautiful. Keep doing what you do. Love the box bag

  13. Aimee you are truly inspiring because of you and your major fashion accomplishments I will never stop blogging. Keep up the awesome work and I hope to be interviewing you in a cab ride to a show in the near future! (fashion dreams do come true, LOL )


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  15. So cute! Love this dynamic duo feature. You guys are amazing!
    Also big claps for braving the snow with this outfit. The bell bottoms and statement earrings look incredible on you.

    xx, mel

  16. Looking like a gorgeous snow bunny, love those flares! I have actually never heard of Shiona, and watched the video from beginning to end. Love the chemistry between you two and her straight up responses! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her.

    xo, a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  17. I can’t imagine all the beautiful fashionistas running around NY at Fashion Week in all that snow! Those flare pants are super cute. Stay warm, Aimee!
    Tasha Juli

  18. The snow looks so pretty how I would love to be there! Its already 90 degrees in Arizona and I am so sad that I cant wear jackets and coats anymore. Those flare pants are killer and I love that you kept your look monochromatic with the pop of color in your green and blue Louis Vuitton clutch. Your bag choice is everything. I would wear all of them! Plus Shiona looks just as amazing in her look. Those Dior booties are forever on my wish list!

  19. I am really in love with the outfit! Love the combination of the different materials!!! <3
    XO :)

  20. Both you and Shiona look absolutely wonderful! Love the flares and fur coat .