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Switzerland with Jimmy Choo + New Video


zermatt switzerlandThere are a lot of “pinch me” moments in my life and I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to call what I do “work.” Being invited to Switzerland to shoot with Jimmy Choo was one of those moments, and it was definitely a highlight of 2015. We started the trip with a day in London, and then made our way to Zermatt, Switzerland, which is home to the Matterhorn. Because I grew up in LA and I’m always traveling to warm climates, I didn’t think I would like being in such a cold place, but I was so surprised! Everything is so beautiful and different from anything else I’d seen that you kind of forget about the freezing weather (until you get back inside and realize you can’t feel your fingers).

Aimee song from song of style in Lausanne Switzerland

Beau rivage palace in switzerlandWe stopped on our way from the Geneva Airport to Zermatt at a place called Le Beau Rivage Palace to stretch our legs and eat lunch. The food was delicious, but the views were even better! The hotel was right on a lake, and the swans and architecture made me feel like I was living in a fairytale.

Aimee song jimmy choo accessories in switzerlandThis Lockett Petite bag and Ines sunglasses were waiting in my room for me when I got there!

aimee song in zermatt switzerland
It was so cold I had to layer two scarves! Wearing a Madewell Scarf, Glamorous Scarf, The Arrivals Leather Jacket (affordable here), J Brand Leather Pants (affordable version here!), Jimmy Choo Ditto Boots.

aimee song in zermatt switzerlandWalking around Zermatt. I guess I have a thing for red shutters! Wearing a Maison Scotch Faux Fur Jacket (more faux fur here and here), Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Denim (on sale!!), Jimmy Choo Moon Boots.

hotel in zermatt switzerland
A room in the chalet where we shot for Jimmy Choo

aimee song in zermatt switzerland
Zara cardigan (similar and affordable here!), Vince V-Neck Sweater, Glamorous skirt (super affordable here), Jimmy Choo boots

jimmy choo shoes in zermatt switzerland

IMG_5941Chillin’ after a long day of shooting (pun intended)


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  4. I love everything about this post! Obsessed with those Jimmy Choo thigh high boots. Aimee is an inspiration to fashion bloggers everywhere. If you have time, feel free to check out my blog!
    xx mika

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  7. Fabienne says on January 8, 2016

    I am swiss and happy to live around such stunning landscape! It really is beautiful with all the mountains and lakes we have. The only thing missing is beaches and a sea! Next time you’re coming to Swizzy in winter just bring some warmer clothes and you will be fine :o)

  8. Fabienne Maxi says on January 7, 2016

    Such a great video Aimee, I love the style it was filmed and edited! The landscape is just breathtaking! I hope you had a awesome time in Switzerland. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience and keep rocking those Jimmy Choo’s!
    Sending you the best regards from Germany!


  9. Amazing photos!! Being from LA and living in NYC for the past ten years, you definitely get used to living in colder weather and it’s nice to see some amazing outfits obviously shot in colder temps. Those Moon snow boots are quite amazing actually.. makes you almost wish it were snowing in NY right now :)