Outfit Song of Style

Blue Coat and Ripped Skinny Jeans


Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageDid you know that my favorite color is blue? Any kind of blue and I love anything in blue. The temperatures have dropped in L.A. so I’ve been looking for pretty coats and came across the long Mackage duster wool coat and it’s so good. It’s perfect for L.A. winters and anywhere that’s not too freezing. It’s such a pretty blue so I wore it with my pretty pink Louis Vuitton bag and Jimmy Choo lace-up pumps.

Mackage Light Blue Wool Coat (in grey and on sale here), Frame Denim Jeans (similar here), Jimmy Choo Lace Up Pumps, For Love & Lemons V-Neck Sweater

Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from Mackage
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I really like the low v-neck sweater from For Love and Lemons. I didn’t realize they did knits and I’m so happy they do. It’s the perfect type of sweater to show off your intimate lace bra. Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageWhat’s up with the bandaid on my foot? I went surfing in Punta Mita on New Year’s and the area I was surfing was super rocky so I got cut-up. Still won’t stop me from wearing heels!Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from MackageAimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from Mackage Aimee Song of Style wears a blue wool coat from Mackage

Mackage Light Blue Wool Coat (similar here!)
For Love & Lemons V-Neck Sweater
Frame Denim Ripped Skinny Jeans (similar here)
Jimmy Choo Lace Up Pumps
Louis Vuitton Purse


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  1. さらに、20 mmのひもが私の例についての湾曲した開口部を通して自然な合うものではありません。だから私の設計目標は、従来から搭載ストラップを保持するが冗長性と独特のルックスをそれに加えました。その結果、多くの紙と革のプロトタイピングに使用する連続ループを確保し、従来のストラップを介して一対のいわゆる「ズールー族の「鋼のループ。 ウブロ 時計 コピー 結果として視覚的密度のストラップ」がたくさんありますが、実際のシステムと腕時計にマウントを製造する技術的に簡単である。概念的に、デザインへの挑戦が、実装するのが簡単である。極端な冗長性と連続的な二次のループで、名前を「インフィニティ・ストラップ」を作りました(私に)。 http://www.ooobrand.com/bags/hermes/640.html

  2. Isabella says on February 24, 2016

    I love your how you layer the sweater with the lace. Is it a singlet?

  3. Kirsten Tsao says on February 20, 2016

    Hi,can I ask about the lace item you wear that inside the swather. Is it underwear? What’s brand? THANKS~~

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  5. Nice sense of color. I also like blue. Love that coat and jeans. Can’t wait to have that stunning outfit. Just perfect for winter.

  6. Blue is my favorite color too! What a coinkidink (this word needs more use, it’s too funny)!
    Anything from “For Love and Lemons” are dreamy and simply perfect – their instagram feed is just too beautiful! Hope your foot gets well soon and please take care <3


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  9. That coat is so divine, the length and the neckline are just screaming cozy! Love it paired with the soft pink Louis, the color combo looks so unexpected & sophisticated.

  10. I love you jacket! And the shoes… the shoes! ;))

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  11. Sam Han says on January 14, 2016

    My all time fav color is blue~
    Enjoying the sights and outfit along with style, keep it up!

  12. You look gorgeous, as always, Aimee! I adore your coat and purse and how they work together in creating a lovely outfit featuring the new colors of the year! Also, congrats on being apart of the Louis Vuitton Make a Promise campaign, which has such an amazing message. Thank you for liking a couple of my pictures on Insta, you definitely helped to make my evening that much better :)

    I hope you’re having a wonderful start to your day and thanks again for the inspiration, always!



  13. love your ouftit and the shooting location :)

    xxx, Lena

    Instagram: ellecouture_lena
    Twitter: lenafe94

  14. I literally love every outfit you wear! I wish I had the budget to buy these gorgeous items.
    And those shoes…! I can’t even wear high heals for 3 hours with healthy feet, haha! I hope your foot heals quick!

  15. Me encanta la combinacion de colores y el detalle de la lenceria asomando por el jersey

  16. Absolutely in love with this super chic and effortlessly styled look! <3 The coat is so pretty (especially the long length and the pretty blue color), and I love how you paired it with a pastel pink bag! Perfection! :)

    XO, Elizabeth

  17. I’m LOVING the way you paired the colors of the year. Your outfit is cozy, yet super cute! I cant help notice that your necklaces are dainty, and you layered them for a more subdued look. On my website, http://www.apridedesigns.com, there are several examples of how to style similar slim chains. Feel free to stop by and check out my one of a kind, vintage and brilliant jewelry designs!

    Happy New Year!
    <3 Ashley

  18. Love the coat. Blue is such a calming colour. I’ve really been getting into it. If only it was winter here too, I’d be looking for a coat just like that one!


  19. Such a gorgeous coat (and location to shoot it)! It would be perfect for our extremely mild winters over on the west coast of Australia too – I think the coldest I can ever remember it being during waking hours is about 11 degrees celcius!

  20. awww, yeah! Baby blues and pinks reminds me of grade school days (Allen Iverson’s reebok shoes to be exact) but I love how they basically made if full circle today with the two Pantone colors of the year. Loving this!


  21. I just fell in love with the whole look!!! The colors combine perfectly, the details are awesome and the coat is just the shit!!! Love it! Love the cut and the color and the length! <3
    XO :) Elena