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Best Avocado Toast in LA


aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles My love for avocados only grows stronger every day! I love it so much that I even brought 10 of them to Paris because I thought I wouldn’t be able to find any while I was there. I put a list together of places around LA that serve avocado toast so you can enjoy them as much as I do! #TBT to when I was an avocado for halloween because you are what you eat, right? aimee song of style avocado toast los angelesThis is the one I made in Paris! I didn’t have regular bread so I used a croissant.
Dior Sunglasses on the left and Gentle Monster (similar here) on the right!
(photo by @songofstyle)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles free rangeFree Range: $8 (5/5)
You can get it with or without an egg on the bottom, but I get it without the egg. What I love most about this toast is that they spice it up with sriracha and the bread is so chewy and delicious!
(photo by @cxchoi)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles republiqueRepublique: $14 (5/5)
The smoked salmon and the pickled radish go so well with the avocado.
(photo by @akaboshike)

aimee_song_of_style_jon_and_vinnys_avocadoJon and Vinny’s: $9.25 (4.5/5)
It’s a teeny bit salty, but over all was really good with the chili flakes to give it a kick.
(photo by @songofstyle)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles zinc dtlaZinc Cafe: (4.5/5)
Great portions of chunky avocado!
(photo by @michelletin)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles hart and hunterThe Hart + The Hunter: (4/5)
Super simple ingredients on this one, but still super yummy.
(photo by @jc.creative)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles dinetteDinette: (4/5) $7
The bread is really good and the avocado is really chunky just how I like it.
(photo by @cholpak)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles gjelinaGjelina Take Away: $4-$6 (4/5)
This one is topped with raddish, lemon, and sesame seeds so it’s super refreshing.
(photo by @jessdangxo)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles le pain quotidienLe pain Quotidien: (3.5/5)
The presentation is pretty, but avocado toast was pretty average because the bread they use is just normal bread with not much taste.
(photo by @songofstyle)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles stir marketStir Market: (2.5/5)
There wasn’t much avocado, the bread was ordinary baguette and very hard to cut. I tried cutting the bread and accidentally dropped the avocado on the floor and my heart sank.
(photo by @songofstyle)

aimee song of style avocado toast los angeles the daily doseThe Daily Dose: (1/5)
My least favorite, but still added to the list since the avocado itself was really good. The bread was way too hard to actually chew on so I just scraped the avocado and ate it which was good!
(photo by @michelledelacruzzz)



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  3. This is the BEST most random post but I love it!! I really like your recipe/food posts because your photography presentation is just sooo pretty it makes me want to eat everythinggg. Plus I love avocado so this post is right up my alley. Unfortunately I live in London so I can’t sample these but I’m definitely going to try to recreate some of the recipes at home. I’m also posting a DIY Sunday brunch recipe on my blog for those of us who want to save money on eating out but still want tasty, healthy, beautiful food experiences like this. Thanks for sharing Amie! Jade x

    My Blog: Jade With Envy
    My YouTube Channel: Jade Mercedes Fraser

  4. You are amazing and your obsession with avocado is too! I thought I loved avocado toast a lot until this haha. I need to try some of these out…and as always you win with best Halloween costume! xx, Erin

  5. Okay these are one of the few times I am super envious of everyone who lives in LA. I LOVE avocados and these all look delicious! I’ll need to stop by at a few next time I’m down there! I love pairing radishes and avocados today – definitely interested in trying the one with pickled radishes!

    Cindy |

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  7. really?!! Hey, guess what , Europe has avocados – and even oranges these days!! who knew? C’mon Aimee, Europe is in the first -world you should know that!! Please your outfits are great but…………………..

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