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Tuesday’s Top 10 Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweaters



It seems like there aren’t that many occasions to wear sleeveless in Fall because it gets chilly, but after wearing my sleeveless turtleneck sweater from Vince (on the blog here), I realized how versatile the top is. It’s a staple sweater for this season because you can dress it up or down with jeans or a leather skirt without it being so stuffy. Here are my favorite affordable picks!

  1. Free People “Need It Now” (gray version on sale here)
  2. French Connection (similar here and here)
  3. Barney’s New York (similar Topshop version here and DKNYC version here)
  4. Theory “Wendel” (similar here and Elizabeth and James here)
  5. Michael Michael Kors
  6. Everlane (similar here)
  7. J.O.A. (similar with a print here and different cut here)
  8. C/meo (similar high/low here and sheer here)
  9. BCBG (similar whites here and here)
  10. Lucca Couture (similar here)

Aimee Song of Style Camel Coat Turtleneck Sweater J Brand JeansWore my Vince sweater with a camel coat (similar here and here), J Brand Alana crop ripped jeans, Gentle Monster Sunglasses, and Chanel slingback.

Aimee Song of Style Camel Vince Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater Leather SkirtHere worn with a leather midi skirt from Designer’s Remix (similar/affordable here), Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag, Tibi lace up flats, and Super Sunglasses

aimee_song_of_style_grey_sleeveless_coat_turtleneck_sweater_leather_skirtSleeveless Coat (affordable version here), Paige Leather Skirt, Dior Abstrat Mirrored Sunglasses, and Chloe Hudson Bag.


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  6. Nude ForEVER :)))! It looks a lot better on tanned skin and I wish we had the same weather conditions in Switzerland as in L.A. (only in my dreams:P…)
    Great look, Aimee!
    with love,

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  9. The sleeveless jumper is a great look but might be a little chilly over here in the UK.. Perhaps something a little warmer is needed…

  10. I haven’t worn a turtle neck since 5th grade but you’re making me want to consider looking into one of these.

  11. Thanks for posting these! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sleeveless turtleneck dress, but maybe these will have to suffice!

  12. I love turtlenecks! They look so chic and are super comfy! the perfect piece for winter! xoxo

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  13. Lovely choices! Funny thing, I just wore this camel Vince top on my blog this Friday during my trip to Napa! Check it out!

  14. Chunky turtlenecks are the way to go this winter! I suppose you could mix and match long sleeved tee’s, if it’s really cold, to cover up arms. The bags you have used in this shoot are gorgeous! Loving the last image with the gold fringe dangles, it’s one of those accessories that work day or night!

  15. I love this post! I’ve been looking for a sleeveless sweater and this makes it so easy to find one to love. So inspired by your style!

  16. Link for #1 goes to “page not found” on Nordstrom ):

    Love sleeveless turtlenecks though! I have having thick sleeves that I can’t escape from when it gets too hot indoors or in my coats! <3 this post

  17. At the moment, I am absolutely in love with all these sleeveless turtleneck sweaters! They are just so versatile and comfy! I really like how you style them :) ❤

    xxx, Lena

  18. Great post, Aimee! I adore the first one in your set, the color is just gorgeous and perfect for the season. I agree, sleeveless turtlenecks are indeed versatile and all of your fabulous looks showcase that, all of which are inspiring and so fab!

    Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful! Have an amazing day!



  19. I’m in love with the first picture, it looks so effortless yet perfect. How do you do it? I’ve never worn a sleeveless turtle neck but it seems to be a great staple for winter.

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  21. Lovely selection, I wish I could wear a sleeveless turtleneck in our neck of the woods, but that would be way too chilly. Of course it would look just fine with a blazer (*with* sleeves!). It definitely looks super fab with a sleeveless jacket ♥

  22. Prudence says on November 18, 2015

    I live in a warm climate and find that sleeveless turtlenecks do work well in air-conditioned places! Thanks for sharing your choices, they will make classic staples indeed. Love how you style your sleeveless turtleneck too!


  23. You’re so lucky you can wear these! Living on the east coast doesn’t allow me to wear these now. Wish it could though!!

  24. I love these! I was too scared to try it out from fear that my short little neck my disappear, but I feel inspired to try it out again.

  25. MyCityMyLondon says on November 17, 2015

    Dont get me wrong, I am all up for sleeveless attire , but with Winter approaching, I must say my arms are too cold when they hit the lining of my coat:(

    Gorgeous looks btw:)