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Suede Coat and Knee Boots


I don’t want fall to be over! This outfit is from Paris Fashion Week when I went to the Balmain show. I belted my Polo by Ralph Lauren suede coat to give it some shape and to wear it like a dress, then styled it with a pair of python print boots (last worn here, super affordable ones found here.)I took a cab to the show since it was about 15-20 minutes away by car, but the area was insanely packed because of the people who were probably waiting for the Kardashians to show up. So I actually ended up getting out of the cab and walked about a good 20 minutes to the venue. Thankfully, these Aska boots were super comfortable so I barely got there on time. Seriously, this entire Paris Fashion Week was all about comfortable shoes! aimee_song_of_style_polo_by_ralph_lauren_suede_coat_aska_python_print_boots_chloe_hudson_bagLooking back at these photos reminds me to wear my suede coat again. You can get affordable options from Mango like this one, and this one from ASOS. I’m planning to wear this suede coat with a pair of jeans with a raw hem and ankle boots.aimee_song_of_style_chloe_hudson_chain_bag_brown_suede_coataimee_song_of_style_brown_suede_coat_chloe_bagaimee_song_of_style_polo_by_ralph_lauren_suede_coat_aska_python_print_boots_chloe_hudson_bag_parisaimee_song_of_style_polo_by_ralph_lauren_suede_coat_aska_python_print_knee_boots_chloe_hudson_bagaimee_song_brown_suede_coat_chloe_hudson_bagaimee_song_of_style_suede_coat_knee_bootsaimee_song_of_style_polo_by_ralph_lauren_suede_coat_aska_snakeskin_boots

Polo by Ralph Lauren Suede Coat (similar here and here)
Aska Collection Python Print Boots (major sale here, shorter ones here for under $100)
Chloe Hudson Mini Charm Bag (affordable version worn by Kate Moss)
H&M Hat (similar here)
Belt via eBay (similar here)


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  6. Fantastic ! My favorite picks for this fall is the suede, I style it with every outfit i post on Oui Society – Online Magazine.
    You can check it in the fashion section.
    Catch me tomorrow with a new outfit ;)

  7. These memories from Cannes can’t be more fabulous, they are absolutely amazing. The first outfit is really you, the top match with these shorts and together they created a perfect mix and those gladiator sandals put the boho touch. These photos are fantastic, everything is so beautiful, old fashion and unique, and the most important thing, they are pure french style. The Dior Lady Dior bag of the last photo is so beautiful, classic and femenine.

  8. Such a lovely outfit, Aimee, and perfect for attending shows for Paris Fashion Week. I adore the jacket worn as a dress; the belt really gives the vibe of it being a dress. Those boots are absolutely gorgeous and very versatile, I need to get myself a pair!

    Thanks so much for sharing such inspiration, as always, beautiful! Have a lovely day!