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aimee_song_of_Style_gucci_resort_2016_lace_dress_gucci_reD_bagIf I had to pick just one piece from the Gucci Cruise 2016 Collection, with a bit of hesitation (just because it’s hard to choose just one) I’d pick the gold metallic crossover sandals and this Gucci marmont shoulder bag. Wait, that was two but oh well.

Initially the Gucci Dionysus bag that I saw on the newly revamped Gucci site has long been on my wishlist because of it’s classic structured shape that’s so timeless, but I’m really digging this Gucci Marmont shoulder bag as well. Perhaps it’s the brass hardware, or the stitching but something about it seems vintage inspired without being out of date. Whether I’m wearing the bag with a feminine lace dress or just t-shirt and jeans, it makes such a great accent without overpowering. Just how I like it.

aimee_song_of_style_gucci_Cruise_red_ bagaimee_song_of_style_gucci_red_marmont_bagaimee_song_of_style_gucci_red_bag_gucci_lace_dressWith Alessandro Michele’s direction, I love the retro vibe of the Gucci Cruise 2016 collection. One of my favorite aspects about Gucci has always been the colors and the unexpected pairing of the colors like this stunning lace dress. The red, the orange on the sleeves and the purple piping… to me they seem so unexpected yet go perfectly together. I loved being in this dress all day. I loved it the moment I saw it on the runway and I love the pleats on the skirt because it makes twirling and walking around so fun. With his direction and the newly relaunched Gucci.com, it’s safe to say, Gucci is killing it.


Gucci Georgette Bonded Lace Dress
Gucci Marmont Bag
Gucci Crossover Sandals


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  5. I am in love with all of the Gucci! This lace dress is phenomenal and I love how you accessorized it Gucci from head to toe. There is no better way to do it. Those metallic gold mules are beautiful and goes great with the hardware on the bag. I agree that the bag is timeless and it is a great buy because it is something that you can keep for a long time without it being outdated. Love this look!

  6. What an ultra stunning dress, you’re so right, Gucci is nailing it! I actually thought this was a top and skirt, they’re sooo gorgeous together as a dress and unexpected like you say but works beautifully! Love your bag and shoes though I can’t see them very well! Gotta show us a close up of the shoes next time! x



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  8. Gorgeous colors and beautiful photos as always! I wasn’t a fan of Gucci for a while, but they are really picking up now and are coming out with very impressive designs and pieces.