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Frayed Hem and Christian Louboutin Pumps


aimee_song_of_Style_Fringe_jacket_ag_frayed_jeans_christian_louboutin_pumpsWhen it comes to transitional dressing, suede is a safe bet for me. I wear jeans all year around so when I wear them with suede pumps or a suede jacket, I’m instantly fall appropriate and well prepared for the slightly chilly but not so cold fall weather. I scored these suede Christian Louboutin pumps while doing my occasional ‘browsing’ on eBay Fashion. I was initially looking for a pair of simple black suede pumps on eBay Fashion but ended up getting this teal color because I felt like it’d be a great accent. aimee_song_of_style_the_perfext_suede_fringe_jacket_self_portrait_lace_topaimee_song_of_style_the_perfext_suede_fringe_jacket_self_portrait_lace_top_christian_louboutin_suede_pumpsaimee_song_of_style_the_perfext_suede_fringe_jacket_self_portrait_lace_top_christian_louboutin_pumps_chloe_hudson_bagaimee_song_of_style_christian_louboutine_suede_pumps_frayed_jeansI cut the bottom of my old AG jeans in slightly different lengths and washed them in the washer for the frayed effect. (similar DIY hereaimee_song_of_style_christian_louboutine_suede_pumps_frayed_denimaimee_song_of_style_perfext_suede_fringe_jacket_chloe_hudson_bag_frayed_denim_christian_louboutin_teal_suede_pumpsThe Perfext April Suede Fringe Jacket (matching skirt and similar here and here)
Self Portrait Lace Top (dress version here and find more here)
AG Jeans Frayed Denim (similar here and more here)
Vintage Belt via eBay Fashion (similar here)
Christian Louboutin 120mm So Kate Suede Pumps via eBay Fashion (also Love it in navy, similar from Jimmy Choo, and very affordable here)
Chloe Hudson Bag (with fringe, similar here and very affordable here)
Celine Marta Sunglasses (in havana and similar here and super affordable here)


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  8. You know what is outstanding about this post and all of your others? Is your attitude of gratitude. What makes your style so unique and beautiful is what you have on the inside. I love your snapchat real talk because it gives your readers a look inside your world and how you handle situations. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s Aimee. You’re great and you continue to inspire me with your positivity and dreamer mentality. I can’t wait until the day I live a similar life of travel, love, and beauty. You’re killin it homegirl. Love to YOU.

  9. Hi Aimee! I just watched your snapchat story and thank you for being such a motivation. You are 100% down to earth and I have been going through a rough time, but seeing your snapchat story really made me smile :) I love the outfit btw! xx

  10. These memories from Cannes can’t be more fabulous, they are absolutely amazing. The first outfit is really you, the top match with these shorts and together they created a perfect mix and those gladiator sandals put the boho touch. These photos are fantastic, everything is so beautiful, old fashion and unique, and the most important thing, they are pure french style. The Dior Lady Dior bag of the last photo is so beautiful, classic and femenine.