Fall Lipsticks


Aimee Song of Style Fall Lipstick

Last week, I snapchatted some new fall lip colors and I got so many screenshots and tweets asking what colors they were so here they are! Once I stick to something I like (or someone) I rarely ever change it. I’m that loyal. When it comes to lipsticks I tend to choose corals and pinky shades because it flatters my skin tone and my favorite lipstick has been the YSL Rouge Volupte #15 Extreme Coral for 10 years. However, now that falls here, it make sense to gravitate towards deeper shades. It was always hard for me to choose a color that would fit my skin tone but after spending nearly an hour at the Nordstrom beauty department, I’ve finally found some of my favorites amongst burgundy, deep red colors and muted colors.

There are two others not pictured that I really like from Dolce & Gabbana and Estee Lauder but they deserve their own post! Please, let me know what fall colored lipsticks you guys are in love with because I’m feeling risky!!

From Left to Right:
Chanel Rouge – Coco Gabrielle 444
Nars Audacious Lipstick Janet
Tom Ford Lip Color – Casablanca 03
Chanel Rouge Coco – Adrienne 402
Tom Ford Lip Color – Pink Dust 07


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  5. I love all these lipsticks you mentioned, the colours are so pretty. I have a huge obsession with nude lipsticks, they are my favourte!! I also love darker shades for fall. Btw if you are looking for a new shade to try, my favourite lipstick is Yash by MAC and it is really pretty nude colour. Love this post :)

  6. I much prefer red, brown and burgundy shades all year round, they are so rich and vibrant and just complete an outfit. I recommend W7 chestnut and the original Kate Moss lipstick range in 01

  7. I actually have the same top like yours, way back when i was in Elementary Days, and i give it up because i don’t seem to like it. And then now? When i saw your post, and saw a lot of fashion bloggers wearing the same top like yours, i feel the regret.”sigh”. Anyways, i love your top not a doubt.