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Red Self Portrait Dress



Every time I wear a Self Portrait dress, I feel like it was made for me. I think anyone who tries on Han’s creations feel the same way. From the stunning Self Portrait floral lace midi dress (that I wore last year) to a simple jumpsuit which was one of the first pieces I’ve worn that Han created when he was with Three Floor, I’ve never met any Self Portrait piece I didn’t like. Most recently, I wore this amazing Self Portrait lace jumpsuit for an event in New York.

When I went to attend his first show during NYFW, I wore a beautiful red off the shoulder dress from his Resort collection. I love that he’s never afraid to use colors and Han truly knows how to complement a woman’s body and give her the confidence she needs. Whenever I’m wearing his clothes, I never worry about how it’s going to fit, or worry about adjusting my clothes. Creating beautiful and wearable pieces is definitely important for a designer but knowing your customer’s fit, making sure she feels confident is an added plus and not a skill that many designers have.

aimee_song_of_style_self_portrait_dress_valentino_heels aimee_song_of_style_red_self_portrait_valentinoaimee_song_of_style_self_portrait I wore this stunning Self Portrait dress with my new Valentino Love Latch ankle strap leather heels from Fwrd.aimee_song_of_style_valentino_ankle_strap_self_portraitaimee_song_of_style_red_self_portrait_dressaimee_song_of_style_valentino_heels_self_portraitaimee_song_of_style_valentino_strappy_heel

Self Portrait Dress (similar here, here, and still obsessed with this jumpsuit!)
Valentino Love Latch Ankle Strap Leather Pumps (flat versions here and also comes in black)

photos by Christina Choi


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  3. I totally agree with you, dear! Happiness is something that some people have, because they make the most of what they have, while others just feel frustrated because of greed! I loooved this jumpsuit, like the other one you wore with print, and I told you I loved the way the “shorts” are! So beautiful pictures, you are gorgeous!

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  5. I in LOVE with this red dress <3 It's so elegant and bright, yet at the same time, it looks so romantic and delicate, especially with New York City as your backdrop!
    There's just the perfect balance in every photo of softness (from the beautiful dress) and harshness (from the lines and edges of the buildings and streets) :D
    A gorgeous look!

    xo, elizabeth t.

  6. I just recently came across the self portrait dresses through another blogger who was also wearing one of their creations during nyfw and ever since then i’m saving up to get myself the dress with the lace details :) they’re so pretty and you did the absolut right thing by choosing a dress in such a bright red color. It suits you overly well
    love it

  7. The dress is a piece of art, it’s really amazing and the design is unique. Adore the 50s inspiration of the skirt with the romantic style of the shoulder off detail, it’s so beautiful, perfect for a special ocasion and so femenine. You know how make it more you with these incredible heels, they put the rock touch and they are pure love. Tres chic

  8. I thought you took these photos yourself & was wondering how on earth you did it without getting run over until I read the piece haha
    I love it when you find a label or designer that makes the most wearable clothing. A lot of clothes looks great, until you try it on so it’s nice to know there are some designers out there who know what they’re doing! Looks stunning on you!


  9. Such a gorgeous dress, Aimee! I’m truly speechless. I love everything about it, from the candy apple red color, to the off the shoulder detail, it’s simply perfection! I also love the way you paired it with those deeper red pumps!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, Aimee! You never seize to amaze me :)