Aimee's look Fashion Week Song of Style

DVF Wrap Dress


aimee_song_of_style_dvf_diane_von_furstenberg_secret_agent_bag_silk_romper aimee_song_of_style_dvf_runway_secret_agent_bagaimee_song_of_style_diane_von_furestenberg_secret_agent_bag_celeste_romperaimee_song_of_style_dani_song_diane_von_furestenberg_runway_celeste_silk_romperaimee_song_of_style_kye_sunglasses_celest_silk_romper_dvf_diane_von_furstenbergaimee_song_of_style_diane_von_furstenberg_nyfw_kye_sunglasses

DVF Romper (similar here and here)
Gentle Monster Sunglasses
Zimmermann Platform Heels
DVF Secret Agent Leather and Croc Tote

photos by Christina Choi


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  3. すべての3つのモデルは同じきれいなダイヤルレイアウトを共有して、わずかに小さい数字で(ロジウムプレートまたはレッドゴールド)を適用したちょうど内の鉄道の線路の章のリング(それは旅行に行くための美的か忘れない)。より小さな数字のようですが好きな間の不動産が使われていないが、私はそれを過去の腕時計への背中をエレガントな腕時計をつくるiwcのゴールに話すと思います。それは、要するに、それは全体的なプレゼンテーションの一部としてそのきれいなダイヤルを持っていてうれしいです。

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  5. Absolutely love this outfit! Very minimal but the print of the dress is stunning! I also love the burgundy platforms paired with the bright fuchsia bag! Love it Aimee!

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  7. Te ves super bonita adriana, me encanta tu outfit todo blanco. Creo seguire tu consejo y me voy a desconectar por elfin de semana
    Overall I think this nails can be a lifesaver for those moments when you really want to get your nails done but you don’t have time to do it or wait after it, or also if you need a quick solution when you have a broken nail too but I probably won’t use them all the time to replace nail polish. I have to admit that while I was wearing the nails I received a lot of compliments from people that thought I was wearing real acrylic nails, nothing bad considering you can get them for about $8 at walgreens.

  8. The DVF dress, the city and your unique style… it’s an amazing mix. Adore the retro chic inspiration of the beautiful dress, it’s so 70s and fresh at the same time, and it’s so powerful and femenine. You look absolutely perfect with it and how you wear it with these incredible wedges and the colorful bag is really great. Just fabulous