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How to Pack Your Carry-On like a Jetsetter.


As a frequent traveler and being #JetsetAimee, I’ve become a pro at packing. When I’m traveling, I usually either just carry my carryon bag or a small carryon suitcase, and at times, I take both! Since travel season is here, I’ll let you in on my carryon must haves!
Chanel quilted bag, Hartmann carryon also on, Canon 5D Mark iii with f/1.2 50mm lens, Band-aid Blister Gel Guard, Neosporin, Celine Two Tone Mirror Sandals, Louis Vuitton Pouch, Apple MacBook Pro

Few years ago, I had a scary experience where certain items were stolen out of my checked luggage so since then, I always carry my valuables or pricier items inside the carryon. Usually they tend to be a handbag, sunglasses, and of course jewelry. Also, there are times when my checked suitcase get’s lost or delayed, so I make sure I have enough beauty products and simple make up products to last me a couple of days.

Lancôme Sun Screen, La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel, La Mer The Broad Spectrum Sun ScreenDr, Jart+ Ceramidin Cream, Anastasia Beverly Hills DipbrowUrban Decay Naked Flushed PaletteEstée Lauder Nail Polish, Louis Vuitton Navy Pouch, Skin Inc Silver Travel Case, Eyelash Curler

It’s not easy packing light when it comes to beauty products especially because I have sensitive skin. You can read my  travel beauty must-haves (here), but I usually carry a few of my core beauty products and makeup in the carryon and the rest in my checked luggage.  Also, I always keep extra Band-Aid Brand Blister Gel Guard bandages in my travel beauty bag.  They are great for preventing blisters, but also prevent painful rubbing if I already have a blister – a blister rubbing against the back of your shoe is the worst feeling, especially when you are exploring a new destination. I also always keep Water Block Band-Aid Brand bandages in my travel bag since they are perfect in the summer and for any underwater activity. I can literally jump in a pool with these without worrying about them falling off! Also, being super clumsy, I always have Neosporin + Pain in case of little cuts or scrapes while I’m on the go from one place to the next. I recently burnt the side of my lips while curling my hair and I’m glad I had Neosporin which prevented a scar.

Vita Fede, Art Youth Society Origami Plane Pendant, Song of Style Jewelry.

 Dior Technologic SunglassesDior So Real Sunglasses, Ray Ban Mirror Aviator Sunglasses

There was a time when my favorite sunglasses went missing after it went through TSA so now I pack them inside my carry-on. Since they’re delicate, I usually pack my sunglasses in a big sunglasses box and separate them with the microfiber cloths.

Do you guys have any tips on packing when traveling? What are some of your must-haves when you’re traveling?


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  2. Hi There
    Where can I get the Mac Pro Bag-Python Cover and the Jewlry Storage bag? You did not list the details on those two items, which definitely caught my attention .

  3. beatriz maria says on November 21, 2015

    I love your advices but some of us need to learn how packing in our carry.on and not have to check luggage at the airport.
    your chanel bag is beautiful and priceless but I prefer let it at home and fill my carry on with my clothes and shoes,only two pairs.
    I am tired flying alone ,to wait luggage checked at the airport arriving tired and I am trying to fly with only my carry on and of course a great and big handbat.
    tks for your comments.

  4. Great article, super useful!
    I never lost my luggage (hoping it will never happen, touch hood) but as it is one of my worst fears I usually pack a small outfit usually a playsuit and some flats! Usually this becomes useful when I arrive my destination and I’m waiting for my transfer to the hotel I usually refresh myself at the airport ( usually after I know my checked luggage is safe with me) it helps me feel a bit more settled and refreshed and ready to begin the next phase of my journey! Everything else I think you have pretty much covered! Xxx

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  7. The blister band aids are no joke. When I was in NYC the other week I made a rookie mistake and wore unbroken in shoes around the first day. The blisters I got were absolutely awful. I would have gladly paid any amount for them once I finally made it to a drugstore. Now I’ll never go anywhere without a few of them in my bag.

  8. I’m obsessed with carry-on posts because I feel like I need to get better at it myself! Although my thoughts involve getting a new, sexy carry on before anything haha. Where are my priorities?!

    Great post, Aimee.

  9. Thanks for sharing; I can see on your instagram page that you are most definitely a jetsetter! I definitely agree with putting valuable and pricier items in my hand luggage; not all airport staff have integrity….

    for me I also include a pair of thick slipper socks to wear on the plane during long haul flights; a pair of flips flops and flat shoes/plimsolls. I also bring a spare bra and knickers, vest top and leggings because I never know if there will be will be an issue in getting my main luggage!

  10. I loved this dress! It’s really very chic and very elegant, the details, and being it long, all so amazing! I also loved the cuffs and the headband and you always look so beautiful! This place where you took the pictures is great, such a beautiful background and contrast!

  11. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says on August 25, 2015

    Smart and practical packing tactics such as your post is very essential for almost all occasions. The hassle of losing , delaying, stolen are just too delicate to handle when you are depending on your items to much during traveling situations. I agree, pack every valuables in your carry on and the important stuffs for easy access. Pack light as you can, because you’ll never know, you might just pick up a new dress or shoes to add to the already expanded family closet of yours. Simply very helpful tips & Grazie for sharing! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  12. I kind stick to the same rules. I put all my precious belongings in the bag that I carry in the airplane. Just recently I experienced a very unpleasant situation. When passing through the metal detection my phone disappeared from the tray. Better travel with no expensive gadgets.
    TRavel safe!

  13. I have had a similar experience where things got stolen, it’s such a horrible experience!

    Another tip I would suggest is putting an extra super light outfit such as a cotton dress or jumpsuit (one piece items take less space) incase your luggage is delayed and you need an outfit for the next day. You can also use the clothing to wrap and to protect your delicate items in the luggage! Enjoy Croatia x

    Agnes x

  14. I travel a lot too and the tips you suggested are point on. I’ve always done them since the day I started traveling because my granddad used to work for TWA (remember them lol). I always had trust issues. One thing I’ve added to my travel must is not having the cleaning lady clean my room. I had a cleaning lady steal all my MAC make up and didn’t realize it until I was home 2 weeks post trip. I recently had a cleaning lady take some earrings while I was in the room and didn’t realize it until after she left. So now I’m not letting them in at all.

  15. Great tips! I also travel a lot, and I’m a germaphobe. I carry a travel sized pack of Clorox wipes so that I can wipe down my airline seat, arm rests and tray!
    Tasha Juli

  16. There is no way on Earth I’d ever be able to travel with just carry on. Like you, I’m too afraid to leave all my skincare at home because of sensitive skin. I do love the tips though. Even after so much travelling, I still suck at packing & could really try putting these tips to use next time! Thank you for sharing Aimee!


  17. Justin says on August 24, 2015

    Aimee, I really appreciate these tips. Will definitely be taking the blister prevention advice. I’m curious to know where you carry your clothing though whenever you only travel with a carry on.


  18. Thanks for the tips and the peek inside your bag, these are always fun!
    I, too, also keep all my valuable stuff with me rather than have them checked in. And I like to roll up my clothing instead of folding them: this way I can fit more and the garments don’t crease as easily :-)

  19. I love this post. As a traveler myself who has had luggage delays :/ I always have a hard time packing. Will you please post how you will pack for fashion week?

  20. I would love to be able to just travel with a carry on bag!!! I always pack wayyyyy to much but I’m getting better with planning my outfits out etc. And I’ve heard of rolling your clothes? Because I guess it takes up less space lol so I’m gonna give it a go. Love all the products that you travel with. I’ll be doing a post soon on packing for Greece if you’re interested :) Lastly, I just want to say how much I love you and your sister! You both are such an inspiration! :)

    xoxo, B

  21. I like this idea! My husband was a consult who flew weekly so he was always telling me how to travel lighter. I like the idea of multipurpose outfits ie pants that go with multiple tops, tops that can be worn over dresses, dresses that can become skirts, etc.

    Also love the bandaids and neosporin and the fact that you have tons of sunscreen!

    A doctor’s guide to health & beauty!

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  23. I totally agree with packing enough stuff in your carry on to last you a few days! I’ve had my luggage get lost before and had to buy loads of stuff!

    When I travel, I always make sure to bring all my travel-sized toiletries (which I’m well stocked up on) so I don’t have to lug around any full sized.