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Exploring Bermuda in Zimmermann and Keepsake


aimee_song_bermuda_unfinished_church_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_midi_skirt More from Bermuda! This small island is packed with so many different places to see and visit. I knew I was going to have a lot of cool photo opps so I packed a few pretty pieces with me for the trip including this Zimmermann cropped bustier and a-line midi skirt.

I’m such a fan of pairing crop tops with high waisted skirts or shorts. Pairing them with something high waisted gives an instant elongating effect plus I don’t feel like I’m too ‘bare.’

I wore this Zimmermann outfit when I visited the Unfinished Church in Bermuda and I think you can tell from the photos how hot and humid it was. There was no point of doing my hair but sometimes that’s the beauty of a tropical island.

aimee_song_bermuda_unfinished_church_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_skirt_dior_sunglasses aimee_song_bermuda_unfinished_church_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_skirt aimee_song_of_style_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_dress aimee_song_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_midi_skirt aimee_song_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_midi_skirt_dior_sunglasses aimee_song_zimmermann_bustier_zimmermann_midi_skirt_bermuda aimee_song_zimmermann_bodice_bermudaaimee_song_of_style_keepsake_off_the_shoulder_top_keepsake_printed_shorts_chloe_scallop_flatsI also explored the town in Bermuda. Here I’m wearing a matching set from Keepsake, another Australian label that I love. I’m glad I packed these Chloe Lauren scalloped flats because they’re so comfortable yet still quite dressy.

aimee_song_of_style_keepsake_off_the_shoulder_top_keepsake_printed_shorts aimee_song_of_style_keepsake_off_the_shoulder_top_keepsake_printed_shorts_chloe_scallop_flats_eugenia_kim_hat aimee_song_keepsake_off_the_shoulder_floral_top_printed_Shorts_chloe_scallop_ballet_flats aimee_song_of_style_keepsake_off_the_shoulder_top_keepsake_printed_shorts_chloe_flats

Dior Technologic Sunglasses
Zimmermann Bodice
Zimmermann Midi Skirt (stunning dress version here)
Keepsake Off The Shoulder Top (similar and on sale here)
Keepsake Printed Shorts (romper/playsuit version here)
Chloe Lauren Scallop Flats (suede version here and espadrille version here)


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  4. Bermuda is such a beautiful place! I absolutely love both of your outfits, the skirt and the top in the first photos captured my heart! High-waisted bottoms and crop tops is my favorite combination, I love how it elongates the legs and creates beautiful, feminine silhuette <3


  5. Loving the combination between the two patterns in your first outfit – I’m a fan!

    Much love from A&I // insta: @bloodxblack

  6. What a great blogger, I visit to check out your amazing outfits and get inspired for my own blog. Great Website xxxx

  7. Gorgeous photos!
    Looks like you’re having a seriously fun trip in Bermuda. Looking forward for your next post! – ivanka xx

  8. I love how you mixed those two completely different prints in your first outfit; it’s always tricky to mix prints, but it worked out very well and you look so lovely! Wonderful locations, Bermuda looks and sounds fantastic :-)

  9. Prudence says on August 17, 2015

    Definitely agree that wearing high-waisted bottoms has an elongating effect that is so flattering! Love both outfits but especially like the first, the tropical prints are so charming and perfect for the Summer season!


  10. you are looking awesome in all these shots!
    and for the humidity and your hair: in the first shots from the unfinished church, I had an instant tropical-hair-jealousy moment, so the humidity definitely did well for the setting! ♥

    love form tokyo!

  11. I absolutely adore the mix prints in the first look! And the hat in the second! They’re both just so cute!

  12. La Bjoux Bella | by mia says on August 17, 2015

    I adore the mixture of patterns. So intricately waved nicely into the background, creating a more intriguing feel to the captured images. Simple beautiful! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  13. you and dani rock keepsake so effortlessly (I forget where I saw her in a keepsake floral 2 piece set..)
    also, very jealous of your lack of sock tan haha

    x suji

  14. Gorgeous photos! I love the mixed prints in the first look and the two piece is so cute! I only wear crop tops with high waisted pieces, it feels much classier than with something low-rise x

  15. You look absolutely stunning. I absolutely love the contrast of prints from the top and midi skirt. And such a beautiful location to shoot! Gorgeous :) xx

  16. Love these chic looks! The Zimmermann number is gorgeous.


  17. Such a ton of nice pictures !! I also think all the time, when I’m visiting a city that it would be great to take some Outiftphotos but most of the time I’m feeling just too tired and messy because of the long walking … But you look absolutely fresh

  18. The summer inspiration of these outfits is so great, fresh and chic. The first look with the midi skirt is really adorable, it’s classic and original in one piece, it looks perfect with the cool crop top. I have to say that the church is so beautiful, the contrat with the outfit is incredible. Although that the second look is my favorite, you always look stunning when you wear a two pieces, adore the retro chic style of the hat

  19. The two contrasting prints in the crop top and high waisted skirt work surprisingly well! The cuts are also super flattering. Bermuda looks beautiful and is filled with so much history! Definitely on the list of places to visit!