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I feel lucky that I’ve been able to visit many beaches but the beaches in Bermuda might just be one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever been to! Well, it’s up there with the beach I visited in Palawan, Philippines (blog posts here and here) but I’ll probably have to visit both places again to make sure!This was my first time in the Caribbean and I’m so happy that the first country in the Caribbean I visited was Bermuda, thanks to my girl Shionat, who’s from Bermuda. The proximity (just 2 hours away from New York) and the really sweet people I met make me want to come back again. Since they all speak English, getting around is so easy and the color of the water is just unreal. Oh, and some of the beaches have pink sand!

I wore a crochet swimsuit with an oversized J.Crew hat (under $40!) that I picked up right before I left for the trip. There are so many different crochet options when it comes to swimsuits and this halter crochet bikini is next on my list. I did swim in the water although these photos were taken just before and the waves took my new Super by Retrosuperfuture tortoise sunglasses but for some miracle, my friend Melina found it shortly after!

Aimee Song of Style Crochet Swimwear
aimee_song_of_style_crochet_swimming_suit aimee_song_of_style_white_crochet_swimming_suit

BCBG Max Azria Crochet Bathing Suit (pretty crochet bikini version here and similar version here)
J. Crew Straw Beach Hat currently on sale (more discounts with code SHOPMORE)
Super by Retrosuperfuture Classic Puma Tortoise Sunglasses

photos by Dani Song


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  3. Great article! We believe handmade crochet swimwear is a timeless fashion, bringing together the past, and the future, making you feel special and sexy all at the same time. For example, when your wearing one of My Bikini Brazil`s Crochet Bikinis you are wearing an artifact of blended crochet artisanship with a modern fashion twist, ageless in its nature and gorgeous in its simplicity. Simply loving Crochet Swimsuits and Crochet Cover Pps!

  4. Summer says on August 15, 2015

    Lovely swimsuit and such gorgeous beaches but Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. However Aruba is very much a caribbean island! And I’ve seen you’ve been there many times :-)

  5. Dionne says on August 14, 2015

    Its so funny you said your glasses got lost in the water. My hat
    did too while i there. But a local went in the water & brought it back to me. See! You can’t even lose stuff there, Bermuda is just that amazing lol

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  7. I love the look of crochet swimsuits (this one is so pretty!), but I’m wondering how they hold up in the water. Regular swimsuits tend to get a little bit bigger when wet, do these models get much bigger?
    The gorgeous ocean with all its shades of blue is awe-inspiring and has craving tropical islands again!!