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White Button Down Shirt and Ripped Skinny Jeans



I know I’ve worn a white button down shirt with jeans many times here on Song of Style but it’s a basic outfit that I keep going back to again and again. Just like my striped button down shirt, I’ve been collecting simple white button down shirt for years since my San Francisco days. I remember one of my very first major white button down shirt I got was thrifted (seen here and hereDon’t judge my eyebrows from 5 years ago) and still till this day, I can’t pass up a good white button down shirt.

My favorite way of wearing a white shirt would be in a more casual way. Some of my favorite affordable casual white button down shirts with pockets are from Banana Republic and Topshop. I have slightly dressier versions like this one from Equipment and this silk one which is basically a classic.

aimee_song_white_shirt_and_distressed_skinny_jeans_quilted_chanel_bagaimee_song_white_shirt_and_denimaimee_song_white_shirt_skinny_jeans_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_ripped_skinny_jeans_heart_sandalsaimee_song_quilted_chanel_bag_ripped_skinny_jeans_heart_sandalsIt’s May in L.A. which means it’s sandal weather! Wearing my favorite Cornetti Innamorati heart lace up sandals (on sale now!) which I’ve worn in black and red before. It’s so nice to give my feet a break from wearing heels especially when I get to wear sandals as pretty as these!

aimee_song_short_hair_with_ombre_white_shirt_white_lace_braaimee_song_layering_necklaces_white_button_down_shirtMy tip for layering necklaces is to wear different lengths and layer dainty ones. From top to bottom: Shylee Rose, Sacai x Jamie Chung Necklace, and Jennifer Zener Lariat Necklace.


Banana Republic Button Down Shirt
J Brand Photo Ready Ripped Skinny Ankle Jeans (also in grey and black on Shopbop and love these similar ones from Siwy (on sale!!!)
On sale! Cornetti Innamorati Sandals (other Cornetti on sale here and here)
Wildfox Sunglasses (also love these and these from Wildfox)
Chanel Quilted Handbag
White Lace Bra
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace


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  12. Beautiful and simple! Always love coming to your blog for inspiration. You are one of my faves. Admire you style and hard work! And beautiful background with the red trees :)

  13. Angelica says on May 6, 2015

    I follow your blog from years and years and i’m still in love with your style ! I feel like i always loved your style and you always inspired me but lately i’ve been more and more inspired ! I don’t know why ! Hope to meet you some day in Paris (my city :p) or where ever in the world and talk fashion with you and had the chance to know you better !

    Lot of Love from Paris, x.
    Angelica .

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  15. A fashion lover never have enough white button down shirt, it’s a classic piece and you can create a lot of different looks with it. The casual mix with these ripped jeans is just perfect, they was made to be together and these gladiator sandals are really beautiful. The lace bra is a very sexy details and the necklace is lovely. Adore the Chanel bag, it’s pure style and inspiration, an unique piece with an amazing story. Tres chic!

  16. I love the white button down. Funny I wore one too on my last blog post! LOL! It’s such a classic versatile piece and I’m started to build up a collection of them too :)

  17. Taylor says on May 5, 2015

    I just wanted to say that you just made me happier. I was really stressed today and I wish I could talk to you because I feel like you would understand. Thank you for being you and bringing laughter and joy when I’m feeling stressed. Also, great outfit!

  18. So beautiful, with bold colors! I love the color of the dress, but since my favorite color is the bag’s color, that is my favorite piece now! I also like the style, cross-body bag. And the shoes are gorgeous, all showing elegance and very good taste, as usual!

  19. This outfit can’t be more amazing, everything is absolutely perfect. The skirt style is beautiful, exotic and original, the mix with the blouse is just wonderful. Adore the incredible jacket, it’s so cool and elegance at the same time and it looks fantastic with these fancy sandals. The Celine Mini Box bag is pure love it’s my new favorite bag. Tres chic!