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Aimee's look

Two Songs in Salvation Mountain

May 27, 2015 - 153 Comments


I’m super excited for these new tees and sweatshirts that just dropped for our line Two Songs! I’ve been wearing some of them since Paris Fashion Week and have been counting down the days for them to be available!!

We shot with our favorite photographer Jacopo Moschin in Salvation Mountain. We slightly updated the fit but kept the super soft fabric that everyone loves. Let us know if you have a favorite!

dani_song_two_songs_grl_pwr_tshirt Dani and I strongly believe in GRL PWR! We were just two little girls with big dreams in a big world so this tee means so much to us. The GRL PWR also comes in a sweatshirt.

aimee_song_cest_la_vie_Sweatshirt The c’est LA vie t-shirt from last season did so well that we ended up cutting it and restocking it 3 more times since it kept selling out! You guys wanted it in a sweatshirt as well so this season, we brought it back with one of my favorite sunset photos of L.A.

aimee_song_cest_la_vie_sweatshirt_two_songsdani_song_cest_la_vie_tshirt Dani is wearing the c’est LA vie t-shirt.

dani_song_aimee_song_two_songsDani in GRL PWR t-shirt and I’m wearing the c’est LA vie sweatshirt.

aimee_song_grl_pwr_sweatshirt The GRL PWR sweatshirt in white is my personal favorite. I love how soft the fabric is so I’ve been wearing it to my travels as well as when I sleep!

dani_song_bonjour_sweatshirt_two_songsaimee_song_dani_song_bonjour_two_songs We tweaked Bonjour and added an eye and kissy lips! Dani is wearing the Bonjour sweatshirt and I’m wearing the t-shirt version.

aimee_song_selfmade_tee_two_songsMy favorite $ELFMADE t-shirt in white!

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