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Salvation Mountain



While we were at Salvation Mountain, we stuck around and took these photos. When I’m shooting blog photos, I’m usually mindful of what location to shoot at although it’s not always the case since I’m always on the go and don’t have a photographer with me all the time. Since I had the opportunity to be in Salvation Mountain I knew this would be the perfect time to wear my striped maxi skirt I got from J.Crew couple of years ago. I topped it off with my white Tibi off the shoulder top and a pair of Cornetti lace up sandals.

aimee_song_salvation_mountain_off_the_shoulder_topaimee_song_white_off_the_shoulder_top_striped_maxi_skirt_gladiator_sandalsaimee_song_off_the_shoulder_top_initial_necklaceWearing my favorite malachite pyramid bracelet from Song of Style jewelry collection. aimee_song_panama_hat_tibi_off_the_shoulder_topaimee_song_striped_maxi_skirt_salvation_mountainaimee_song_salvation_mountainaimee_song_tibi_short_sleeve_off_the_shoulder_top_striped_skirt_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_off_the_shoulder_top_panama_hataimee_song_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_blue_striped_maxi_skirt_salvation_mountainaimee_song_tibi_short_sleeve_off_the_shoulder_top_striped_skirt_lace_up_sandalsdani_song_adidas_pharrellsalvation_mountain_jacopo_moschin


photos by Jacopo Moschin

On Me:
Tibi Off the Shoulder Top (longer sleeve version here)
J. Crew Striped Maxi Skirt (similar here and here)
Preston & Olivia Panama Hat
Cornetti Recomme Gladiator Sandals

On Dani:
Adidas Original Top and Bottom
Adidas Original x Pharrell Sneakers


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  21. You have ticked all the boxes ,something old ,something new and something blue to complete this ensemble.I like the balance of off the shoulder showing some skin while being covered to your toes. The color palate is just in time for summer. Those shoes are a great color in the neutral tan, I don’t wear flats a lot how ever they work with this look.

  22. So beautiful, with bold colors! I love the color of the dress, but since my favorite color is the bag’s color, that is my favorite piece now! I also like the style, cross-body bag. And the shoes are gorgeous, all showing elegance and very good taste, as usual!

  23. This outfit can’t be more amazing, everything is absolutely perfect. The skirt style is beautiful, exotic and original, the mix with the blouse is just wonderful. Adore the incredible jacket, it’s so cool and elegance at the same time and it looks fantastic with these fancy sandals. The Celine Mini Box bag is pure love it’s my new favorite bag. Tres chic!

  24. Summer feelings are so present in this look, it’s absolutely amazing. The long skirt with the stripes print is classic, elegance and really original, adore how you wear it with the simple shoulder off top. These gladiator sandals are so beautiful and chic. Just perfect, like always
    (old misskeyblog)

  25. I really like your style and your consistency in keeping this blog! I am an avid reader for 5 years now and you’ve been inspiring me ever since! i hope you’ll also share some of your interior works :-) love,love, love this look!

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