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Palm Springs Pink Door House


aimee_song_red_sheer_crop_top_high_waisted_denim_shorts_gladiator_SandalsThrough my exploration of Palm Springs, I found that infamous pink door house designed by Moises Esquenazi. The most perfect pink shade with the coolest succulents plopped right in front of the house with white gravel. What’s not to love?

aimee_song_palm_springs_pink_dooraimee_song_panama_hat_sheer_crop_top_high_waisted_denim_shorts For Love and Lemons makes the prettiest pieces that make you want to go on vacation right away. There’s this other sheer crop top and this cut-out lace dress that’d be perfect for a vacation or a dressy occasion. They also have this stunning white lace crop top and a lace maxi dress version of this top.

aimee_song_for_love_and_lemons_sheer_crop_topWhenever I’m traveling to a warm place, I always pack at least one pair of denim shorts and I always pack a pair of high waisted denim shorts because they’re so forgiving. I love wearing high waisted shorts with bikini tops or crop tops especially when I’m not so bikini ready or ab ready. ASOS has affordable high waisted shorts (here and here) or these Hudson are cool too and these from 7 For All Mankind are currently on sale.

aimee_song_for_love_and_lemons_luau_crop_top_denim_shortsaimee_song_high_waisted_denim_shorts_lace_up_sandalsaimee_song_for_love_and_lemons_crop_top_high_waisted_denim_shortsaimee_song_red_crop_top_denim_shorts_pink_dooraimee_song_palm_springs_pink_door_houseFor Love & Lemons Luau Lace Crop Top (dress version on Free People and Shopbop)
Lovers & Friends Jack High Waisted Denim Shorts (also here and affordable versions from ASOS here and here)
Cornetti Suede Recommone Gladiator Sandals
Preston & Olivia Malby Panama Hat

photos by Jacopo Moschin


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  2. Hi Aimee :)

    I am pre-launching our swedish fashion products to celebrities and larger bloggers.

    Since your style suites our brand, we would like you to try a pair.

    Email and I can send more information

    Have a great evening!


  3. Jessie says on May 30, 2015

    I love the photo and I just clicked in and dying to see who is the designer of the house. The word ‘infamous’ got me for a sec cuz I was like’WHAT?’ and then I realize you might be trying to say not famous(low profile,not so many people know), but dear Aimee, infamous means notorious which is not a nice word to describe such a breathtaking design(I’m a pink lover). Not try to be a know-it-all here, cuz I was literally about to google the designer to see what he is infamous for.

  4. I totally agree with the whole comment about high-waisted shorts being forgiving! :) Its great because if I don’t feel totally boy confident I can still be fashionable and feel good :) xxx

  5. Oh my, that shirt is stunning! I love it so much. Love Palm Springs as well. Living in a slightly chillier Paris, my go to is always high waisted jeans. I love pairing them with crop tops on warmer days or cropped sweaters when it starts to get chillier in the evening :)


  6. The For Love and Lemons crop top is just incredible, the details are really beautiful and the style is so sexy. You look absolutely amazing with it and how you wear it with these cool high waisted shorts is perfect, your style is always unique and very inspiring. Those gladiator sandals are so boho and this summer you have to have one of them in your closet if you really love fashion. These photos in front of the pink door are so wonderful, tres chic!