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DIY Marble Coasters Using Nail Polish

March 5, 2015 - 88 Comments

So I bought these tiles last year to do a Moroccan inspired coaster after my trip to Morocco but I was too occupied with my travels and I kind of lost the timing to do so. I’ve always loved marble since I first started working with marbles and stones since 10 years ago and I’m constantly on Pinterest browsing for new ideas and came across a dipped marble idea for jars and I thought why not use the same idea on a coaster! The marbleized watercolor painting in my living room was my inspiration for the coaster and wanted to share this super easy but gorgeous DIY!
514B2874 514B3027
6 pieces of Semi-gloss White 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 in. Ceramic wall tiles
Everbilt Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Felt Strip
-Nail polishes of your choice Mine was Essie BlancEssie After school boy blazerEssie Bobbing for Baubles, OPI Black Onyx, Estee Lauder Lilac Leather (similar color here)
-4 Paper plates that has a little bit of depth
-A pitcher of filtered water
-2 or 3 tooth picks or skewers (something with a sharp tip)
-Damp paper towels
-Valspar Premium Spray Primer
-Nail Polish Remover
-Cotton Pads
-Plastic or Latex gloves

You may or may not use a primer before you dip the tiles.  I’ve tried it on a couple of the tiles but I think I liked the glossier look than matte.

It’ll be easier to have a pitcher full of warm filtered water ready so you won’t have to run back and forth to the sink.  It’s better to use filter water because, it’s be easier on the polish to spread out easily.

Since nail polish dries up fairly quick, you have to move in a fast pace.  Have all the tops unscrewed and ready to use. You also want to put on your gloves from this point on.
marble coaster
Add drops of the polishes in random spots and alternate different colors all around.  Oh, when you drop the polish into the water, try to go closely to above the surface, because sometimes when the polish drops to the bottom, it tends to make air bubbles.
Quickly use the toothpick or the skewer to make swirls.  Be sure to glide around just the surface of the water, if you poke too far into the water the polish will stick onto the skewer and the polish will ball up. (The polish hardens when the skewer is too far into the water.)
Couple of tries will make you get the hang of it.
Quickly, dunk the tile facing down towards the water.  drown the tile slightly to the edge but not all the way so you don’t cover the back of the coaster. You will get best results when you go straight down and up and give it a little shake for the water drops to fall off and let it sit to dry for about 20 mins. Try not to double dip as the design won’t look as organic. Just to be safe, I’ve cut paper plates to sample it out first.
Once you’re done with one tile, collect the remaining polish in the water using the skewer and clean the skewer on a damp towel then dump the rest of the water in the sink.  I used clean water for each coaster so there won’t be any residue or clumpiness.
When the coaster is fully dried, flip it over to the back and attach the felt strip measuring it about the same length of the coaster.
514B2932Here are my designs!  From left to right, I’ve used small amount of drops then to a generous amount. You can see the difference of the intensity. And Voila!
514B3003 514B2972 514B2967
Good thing about using nail polish is that if you don’t love the design you can erase it with the remover and try again! No biggie.
Use your creativity to go beyond the horizon, Experiment is key!

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