Outfit Song of Style

Pink Blazer and Boyfriend Jeans



What’s your favorite way of dressing up boyfriend jeans? Mine is adding a feminine touch to it. I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces and thought I could soften up my ripped boyfriend jeans with a pink blazer and oh, the fresh pink roses I bought along the way (promise, the roses weren’t just for the photos lol.)


aimee_song_pink_roses_rose_gold_ringThe rips on these boyfriend jeans are so perfectly placed. I love some good ol’ ripped jeans! 
aimee_song_ripped_boyfriend_jeans_lace_up_heelsBionda Castana makes the prettiest lace up heels! (similar style here)


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  10. Your blazer is amazing and the idea with the roses really got to me. The picture with your hair is the best because of the contrast of brown and rose

    Lots of kisses K

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  13. Nice Outfit looking very pretty in this pink blazer and Boyfreind jeans
    your pink blazer looksnice but i fan of your boyfriend jeans its looks awesome thanks for the wonderful post.

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  18. WOW! You look outstanding! :) I love the pink jacket, boyfriend jeans and those flowers! Having your post about a break-up in the back of my mind I’m thinking: ”you did it girl! you look amazing and it seems that you also feel amazing!” :) Congrats :) Go girl! :) :)


  19. What a beautiful outfit! I’m really loving the soft colors on you :) Besides, the pink blazer is perfect! ;)


  20. This whole look is great. I mean, the shoes are awesome, the jeans super cool and the blazer is really cute

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  23. Gosh, love the blazer with those jeans! So versitle, you could wear any shoes you like and rock this outfit!

  24. ive never actually seen a pink blazer but I really want one now! It’s one of my fave colours (alongside blue, so this look is great to me) and those roses really remind me of my wedding bouquet xx

  25. the combination of your blazer, the roses and the green details on your heels is just so beautiful!

  26. I absolutely love this feminine twist on such classically masculine pieces. The whole look really comes together and you look fabulous!

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  28. I absolutely adore those heels!! although, schutz makes great lace ups too! Sewsincity.wordpress.com

  29. Loving this pink blazer, I mean what girls closet doesn’t need one! Def found my next purchase! Congrats on making the Top 20’s list of Fashionista.com Influential Bloggers list! xo

  30. The constrast between the masculine style of these ripped boyfriend jeans and the femenino pink blazer is very interesting, it’s amazing the casual and fabulous way that you wear it. These high heels are so beautiful. Tres chic


  31. Aimee you’re beautiful! Bright colours make you glow even more :) And boyfriend jeans never get old! The jeans and the blazer are my new favourites!
    Claudia xo

  32. This is like the perfect way to add a touch of girly to a pair of boyfriend jeans. The photos are very cute as well,especially because of this gorgeous flower bouquet and of course the pop of light pink :)


  33. Pink is such a girly color, love your blazer..and pics are beautiful!

  34. Gorgeous outfit! I love the contrast of the ripped jeans and soft pink blazer. Your flowers really go with your outfi!