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Belted Blazer and Skinny Jeans



Love belting my old jackets to give them new life. I used to belt my coats during my San Francisco days circa 2009 (see here and don’t judge my adolescent ‘no-make-up-with-a-blemish-on-my-cheek’ face) but got reintroduced to belting them after being inspired by my favorite french editor Emmanuelle Alt. Belting your jackets definitely give you more shape and can instantly turn a normal or even a casual outfit to something else. I even belted a military jacket once (see here) and it def. changed the whole outfit. aimee_song_belted_blazeraimee_song_ripped_skinny_jeans_with_zipper_and_loafersaimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans_2aimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafersaimee_song_studded_bag_skinny_jeans_with_zipper_loafers

My feet are really thanking me these days. Really love these boyish Stuart Weitzman oxford flats (right now 60% off!). I know I’ve said this numerous times but I’m so into oxford flats and loafers lately because they’re more on the dressier side of flats. aimee_song_belted_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafers_2aimee_song_belted_blazer_studded_bag_silver_jewelryI’ve been sporting silver lately… I’m such a gold girl but I like to mix metals once in awhile especially when my bag has silver studded details. Rings are from Pandora and also mixed up the gold and silver charms from Pandora.aimee_song_belted_blazer_studded_bagaimee_song_belted_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafers

Love, love, love these skinny jeans from Anine Bing. No, she’s not just good at making sick ass studded boots and leather jackets! Her jeans fit soooo well!aimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans


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  8. This is a great styling tip that I haven’t though of myself. I’ve got this outfit pinned and saved everywhere, so I won’t miss it! Oh, and your 2009 self looks so great, seems that you’ve had style ever since.
    My blog: Bowtie Diary

  9. mindy from nyc says on January 22, 2015

    hello song,
    the belt bright-up the all outfit. Is Belt coming with blazer together, or you just added yourself.

  10. I love the belted jacket look!

    MY BLOG:

  11. You’re absolutely right, belting a jacket makes it look so different. I love how it looks like in this outfit. The oxford shoes are to die for and yes, they’re much dressier than regular flats. I just started following Anniebing and I’ve loved everything she does, those jeans look amazing on you.
    I would’ve loved if you’d given this outfit a pop of color somewhere…but still it’s perfect.


  12. I love the idea of belting coats, and I’m kinda kicking myself for not thinking of it earlier, haha. Loving the new do as well. Another great look as always, Aimee <3
    xoxo Eda


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  14. Really love your outfit. The idea of belting your jackets and coats is just amazing. Need to try this myself one day. xx

  15. Such a good way to bring shape to an unstructured blazer! I love that you posted this outfit because I’ve had a blazer with the same type of material hanging in my closet just waiting to be outfitted, but could never come up with anything. Thanks Aimee! :]


  16. I love this outfit. I had never thought of belting my blazers, but I love the silhouette it creates and it’s a great way to accessorize. You also looked fabulous in your post from 2009, by the way. I just started following your blog last year, so I definitely appreciated the throwback to your earlier days as a blogger.


  17. I live on the West Coast of Australia, and girl, do I feel you. The cold just gets to me so much, despite the fact that it really doesn’t get anywhere near as cold as other parts of the world. And even when I’m cold, I can’t stay away from the beach. It just feels like home. http://www.alamodeusine.com

  18. This look is one of my favorites, it remind me the style of your beginning and that’s amazing. Love so much belting jacket, it’s th perfect way to create a new outfit and it’s really cool. The belting blazer looks fabulous with these jeans, so you, and these flats shoes, I’m a huge fan of this type of shoes so I love them! The bag is pure style, it’s rock and chic.


  19. I really like it when coats are belted up, it gives them a lot of shape but it makes me feel a little like I’m choking. In my stomach?
    Anyway, this coat looks really nice with the belt.