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1stdibs’ New Manhattan Office is My Dream Office.



You’d expect nothing less from 1stdibs, one of my favorite sites to source (or drool over) not just vintage furniture but other gems. The color palette was inspired by 1st dibs’ website, with black, white, and subtle gold accents featured throughout. P.S. I spy a $149 West Elm antique brass Martini side table07-ed-1stdibs-office-xln01-ed-1stdibs-office-xlnI’m obsessed with the 1960’s black and white chess coffee table at the 1stdib’s office.04-ed-1stdibs-office-xln 05-ed-1stdibs-office-xln 06-ed-1stdibs-office-xln

How gorgeous is the office bar? Who wouldn’t want to work here? 11-ed-1stdibs-office-xlnMajority of the furniture were sourced from 1st dibs but I also love that they mixed in some affordable pieces from West Elm like the antique brass martini side tables. I really love this cozy seating area that’d be perfect for anyone working long hours. Get the rug here.12-ed-1stdibs-office-xln 13-ed-1stdibs-office-xlnI love how beautiful this whole office space looks. It’s a great balance between glamour and comfort. This whole space is so cozy and warm. When can I move in?


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  3. Vincent John Evans says on February 6, 2015

    I’m an upholsterer here in England,and a friend of mines daughter saw the lovely blue headboard with wings you have in your bedroom,she’s been asking her dad to make it for her for a couple of years now,with no luck,so i’ve been elected to do it,i really don’t mind,she is a very sweet good natured girl,the frame is in beach timber,i’m having it made by a framemaker,the fabric is blue/grey shadow velvet,with sparkley black crystal buttons,72 inches tallx 56 inches wide,and about 155 of the buttons.and just to finish it off,i’m going to make a feather cushion in the initial of her name to go with it.

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