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Easy DIY Holiday Gift using Wine Bottles

December 24, 2014 - 118 Comments


I never like showing up to a holiday party empty-handed so this is an easy DIY gift for a host! I think DIY gifts are special because they can be very personal and I was inspired by the beautiful gold and silver Christmas collection charms from Pandora to create this spray painted wine bottle vases that make perfect gifts for your holiday hosts!aimee_song_self_portrait_dress_pandora_jewelrysong_of_style_gold_and_black_wine_bottle_diy

This is what the final product looks like! I added some gold leaves on the finished wine bottles inspired by the Pandora Christmas Collection Charm leaf. You can either write a holiday message in chalk or marker!song_of_style_chalk_paint_bottle_diy_materialsWhat you’ll need:

Wine Bottles
Spray Paint (color of your preference)
Chalk & Markers
Painter’s Tape
Flowers (Optional)
Cardboard / Box (to spray paint over)song_of_style_chalk_paint_bottle_diy_2

1. Wash the wine bottles thoroughly, you would want to remove the labels so the spray paint can be coated evenly.  I soaked the bottles in some dish soap and hot water then carefully scraped off the rest with a knife.

2. Let the bottles air dry or dry them with a paper towel.

3. Tape around the neck of the bottle with painter’s tape. Take it outside and spray the bottle with black spray paint.

Let it dry for about 15 minutes and then apply a second coat it (let it fully dry for about 2 hours).

4. Remove the tape from the neck, hold the bottle from the bottom and spray the neck with gold spray paint. Let it dry.

5. After the bottle is fully dry, (write about inspiration quotes or what not) you are ready to draw/write and VOILA! This would make a cute gift for guests to your holiday parties or a great present for your host!


Mixing silver and gold with Pandora rings and charms (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) on this bracelet.aimee_song_holiday_party_dress_blazeraimee_song_self_portrait_lace_dress

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