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DIY Paint Splatter Wrapping Paper



Have you started your holiday shopping yet? It’s the season for gift giving which means, also time to wrap up those gifts! Of course, the act of giving itself is very thoughtful but taking that extra step to make a custom gift wrap paper makes it that much more special! Here’s an easy but super chic DIY paint splatter gift wrap paper tutorial that I’m trying this holiday season. Hope you enjoy!

aimee_song_diy_gift_wrap_paperHere are the simple materials you’ll need:

Acrylic (I used black, gold, silver, and white)
Plain wrapping paper (uncoated)
A cup of water to dilute the paint
Paint Brush
Bowls for the paint
Chopsticks or something to mix with (yes, I’m asian and have wooden chopsticks)
Strings or Ribbons (Optional)
Eucalyptus (optional)

aimee_song_diy_gift_wrap_paper_3First, start off with a generous amount of white paint in the plastic bowl. Add a few drops of water and mix it well. The consistency shouldn’t be too watery but also shouldn’t be so thick.

Once you’ve mixed your first paint, splatter the paint with your brush. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this but if you want to have fun, you can pretend like you’re an orchestra conductor.

aimee_song_diy_gift_wrap_paper_4You can stop with just white, but I added black to make it more interesting. aimee_song_diy_gift_wrap_paper_black_and_gold

For the black wrapping paper, I had to add gold. Who doesn’t love a black and gold combo?

Acrylics tend to dry slower so you’ll need a good solid 6 hrs to dry. I left the wrapping papers out during the day and brought them into the house at night. I also had pieces of eucalyptus left so I painted them in black and gold to later use for decoration on the gifts.

Once your paint splattered wrapping paper is dry, simply add your favorite ribbon or even twine and add the painted eucalyptus. Voila! These will make your holiday gifts extra special because they will be 1OAK! (one of a kind – I just learned this lol)



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  9. Aimee, thank you for this great idea! I did it today. it was super easy, fast, and looks absolutely beautiful! I can’t stop admiring the presents, and kind of don’t want to give them away. Haha! Merry Christmas!!

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  11. That’s a wonderful idea for personalizing gifts this holiday! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try this out!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  12. Nutmegazine says on December 14, 2014

    Wow, thank you!! I love this idea. I don’t celebrate christmas but this could be the wrappings for my upcoming small business :-D Plus, you’ve turned into a marble enthusiast too. XoN.

  13. It’s so creative! I’m ashamed to admit, but I haven’t bought any presents yet, which means I’ll need to do it next week. Thank you for this idea, as I love the whole process of wrapping gifts, but as I leave everything up to the last minute, I too often end up with just putting everything to occassional bags.