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Phillip Lim’s Studio Tour


I love looking into other people’s workspaces. I always wonder what type of spaces creative people work in whether it’s their home office or their studio. Thanks to Garance and Vogue, we get to see a glimpse of Phillip Lim’s showroom and studio in New York. phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_2_phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_12
Haven’t come across a mint colored tufted sofa yet and this is just so beautiful! It fit’s perfectly into his beautiful space. phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_10phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_13phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_9Philip Limphillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_7phillip-lim-studio_garance-dore_6Philip Lim
In love with this corner art by Jim Hodges. Philip LimPhotos by Garance Dore and


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  1. ugh! i would DIE for that windowed ceiling and that marble conference table is EVERYTHING.

    Check out my home decor blog for inexpensive ways to create the perfect black and white home /workspace .

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  4. Aimee!! Slightly unrelated but i should let you know that the RSS feed for your website isn’t working…. I have been checking your page manually but you should get that checked out! :)

  5. Gorgeous minimalism and bright space! I love how he is able to effortlessly blend the different color palettes together and also provide a sense of elegance and refinement, without being stuffy. I am having serious design inspiration at this chic office!