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Blue Turtleneck and Blue Boyfriend Jeans


I forgot that we took these photos a month ago back at home in L.A.! I remember it was a beautiful fall day (ok, fall in Los Angeles is quite different from fall in other parts of the world) and I was happy that I was finally able to wear a sweater after all the heat wave we’ve been experiencing! aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_boyfriend_jeans_5aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_boyfriend_jeans_givenchy_heels
You know me and my boyfriend jeans. These have become one of my favorites (they’re so affordable too!) especially because they taper down towards the ankles. aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_givenchy-antigona-bagaimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_2
I love tucking my hair into sweaters. I just curl the front parts of my hair (the one that shows) and tuck the undone part inside. It’s so easy and effortless and perfect for days when you don’t have time to do your hair. aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_boyfriend_jeans_4aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_boyfriend_jeans_2aimee_song_blue_turtleneck_sweater_boyfriend_jeans_3


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  3. Hi, so I was looking at the shoes that you were wearing in this look and the ones you tagged and they are different. Is it just different brand or is it still givenchy but a updated type??

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  6. Im from North East England, and I wish it looked as good here…sadly I’m staring at an abundance of grey clouds! Think I need that blue roll neck to keep me cosy xx

  7. Amazing look, love how something so simple can look so elegant. The sweater is great and perfect to wear with a short skirt because of the zippers on the sides and I will definitely try your hair trick (and very soon, I wear sweaters all the time during these 5 months)!

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