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Valentino Girl



This Valentino dress is truly something. I wish I was more literate because there has to be a better way to describe this dress than that it’s simply beautiful. The intricate details on this dress, the colors, the shape of the shift dress… I could go on and on about how much I love this dress. aimee-song-valentino-dress-saint-laurent-heels-mirror-clutchaimee-song-valentino-dress-in-parisaimee-song-valentino-dress-parisaimee-song-valentino-dress-mirror-clutchaimee-song-valentino-dress-saint-laurent-heels-3To be honest, my feet were absolutely killing me and every step was quite painful. I had walked so much in these heels (I can’t remember the last time I walked that much in heels) but I couldn’t pass for a photo opp because by the time these photos were taken the sun was about to set and there was this golden glow from the sun that seemed so perfect. I really love these Jane heels from Saint Laurent because they go with so many of my outfits, but they aren’t meant for long walks just fyi!aimee-song-valentino-dress-saint-laurent-heels


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  5. The dress is so elegant and fascinating at the same time, you chose a great peice to post about! You wear it perfectly :)

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  7. The color of stone of the bridge really makes your dress pop which is fantastic by the way. Also love the heels!

  8. Stunning dress but I love the way you wore it with those heels! They look sexy and daring ! I have the Zara version of the shoes but they are thicker. But your shoes are just gorgeous !

  9. I am in love with your dress!!! Its so…. beautiful and you rock it so well! It’s crazy the transformation you’ve gone through. I feel like when you first started your blog you were more hypsterish and now is a lot more couture. Do you think is because you started receiving gifts, like in a way you have always been into couture fashion, but just couldn’t afford it and dressed with what you could, or because being more exposed to couture fashion inevitably made your own style evolve into that? I guess I wonder because even though this is not the style that you started with, you rock it. You don’t just look like you wear expensive clothes, you put them together very well, so it looks like this is your style. Anyway, I don’t even know what I’m saying… but I love it.

    BTW if you ever feel like checking out new bloggers please check out mine

  10. What a stunning piece of dress! And thanks for the comment for those heels. I’ve been struggling myself wether to get a pair of those because they seem so simple and elegant, perfect for any outfit, but at the same time really rather uncomfy by the look of them. Thanks for the heads up:) (I think i’ll still go for a pair though!)

    Gloria xxx

  11. love love love! btw, i wrote about how you inspire me in my paper and how you have a positive attitude all the time. thank you so much :)

  12. These pictures are so magical! Love the beautiful picture location and your dress is just stunning with all it embroidery and colours!

  13. The design and detailing on this dress is beautiful! It feels international and I love it!

  14. That dress reminds me of like batiks or more traditional wear/tribal-esque clothing from Malaysia! Love the details.
    And girlll, those shoes look like they hurt haha, but props to you for wearing them so long-you don’t look like you’re in pain in the photos plus they are really nice to look at!

  15. Amazing just absolutely amazing! The dress is a piece of art, it’s so beautiful and elegant, perfect for a fashion show and super chic for Paris. These sandals are simple and fabulous and the mirror clutch is wonderful, so fancy

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  17. i feel your pain just by reading what you wrote.. hahaha :) but good thing you didn’t skip the awesome photo opp at the golden hour. the lighting is perfect!

  18. absolutely stunning Amee! Love the dress! The print is so luxurious and I love the scene!

  19. Great dress, great heels, great setting! That outfit is inspiring for all the holiday parties to dress up for in the coming months and that backdrop just makes we want to getaway to the warm weather!

  20. Prudence Yeo says on October 23, 2014

    This dress is such a beauty with absolutely exquisite embroidered patterns! The yellow-gold colored dress complements your skin tone so well too. Love statement outfits like this which require minimal accessorizing. Effortlessly stylish and unique!


  21. This dress is like a dream and you look stunning! Pity that your shoes aren’t as comfy as they should be, it’s always a downer when you have to look pretty and feel confident in your outfit and all you can think of is that your feet are “killing” you.

  22. Gorgeous dress! I love all the intricate details. Valentino always has amazing clothes.
    Your heels look great too. It’s a pity they made your feet sore!


  23. That dress is stunning, a dream, especially against that incredible Paris backdrop. The light in these photos are so amazing and I am so jealous, because I have not been able to find this kind of light since I got here!! Also love your honesty about those shoes-I always wonder how you manage to walk around in heels all day!! What’s the comfiest pair you’ve ever worn?