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Paris in Everlane



Going to fashion shows in Paris is fun but I also enjoy exploring the city, walking to literally everywhere and finding different cafes, art galleries, museums, and much more. The weather so far has been very nice and sunny for most of the days with a little breeze that’s just enough to throw on a leather jacket. song-of-style-chloe-leather-jacketsong-of-style-chloe-leather-jacket-everlane-loafers

Like always, when I’m packing for abroad, I make sure to throw in some basic pieces that I can re-wear in different ways. This time my basics were a couple of light sweaters, this utility shirt, and these Everlane loafers that I knew I can easily dress up or down. So glad I packed these loafers because they are so easy to wear this fall with anything from skinny jeans to a mini dress without making the look too casual, plus they are super comfortable and made from soft Italian



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  9. With all the hard work you’ve put into your blog, and with how big your blogging brand is, I wish I could see you in a spread of a magazine or a nice feature in a high fashion publication. Perhaps the blogger landscape is a lot bigger in the U.S. than it is elsewhere, so it’s a bit more difficult, but you’re literally the biggest American blogger. I know you have gotten things like Revolt and an ad segment on MTV, but I wish you got to do more shoots for high fashion brands and magazines that I see other bloggers (with similar following to you) getting.

    In any event, I’m proud of all the success you have achieved through your blog.

    Also, just a suggestion, but is there any way in the future you could have a section where all your press clips are? That might be very difficult, but just a thought.

  10. Alexandra says on October 2, 2014

    Hi Aimee!

    There’s problem with your website, new posts doesn’t appear on computer version.

    Hope you can do something with it :)

    Your Daily Reader

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  14. Jillian Wetherell says on October 1, 2014

    What a cool look! I always love your style. I love the loafer you chose to pair it with- I’ve never seen one that is so directly inspired by a modern men’s leather dress shoe! normally you get tassels or laces or detailing that seem to feminize them a lot. I think you could transition this look to evening if you upped your shoe game with a delicate heel, like these from Chinese Laundry!

  15. I am constantly obsessed with all your outfits! I love how you mix and match, and take risks. Your style is such an inspiration for me. I love the skirt you are wearing and the loafers are so chic!