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Deep Blue Hues


It’s slowly but surely feeling like fall in L.A. where our nights have lengthened and our days are getting shorter. Even though the weather isn’t chilly enough to wear a coat, it’s perfect for an oversized sweater which I seem to keep collecting every year. I’m in such a fall mood that I’m excited to be going to San Francisco this week for an event I’m hosting for Michael Kors at Macy’s Union Square on Thursday 6-8pm as part of the World of Michael Kors!song-of-style-michael-kors-sweater-bag-gold-jewelryThis navy blue Michael Kors sweater is perfect to fake a bob. Just simply do a low pony tail and tuck your hair in your sweater and voila, you’ve perfected your fake blue is such a sophisticated color and I love how all of my gold jewelry pops out against the deep blue. I went a bit matchy matchy in similar blue tones with a midi skirt and bag and finished the look off with a pair of ankle boots with chunky heels. song-of-style-sweater-midi-skirt-ankle-boots-michael-kors-fallsong-of-style-sweater-midi-skirt-ankle-boots-michael-kors-4song-of-style-gold-michael-kors-watch-and-bracelets-michael-kors-bag


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  1. I love this oversized sweater! The blue of the bag is so pretty too!

  2. I love how your style evolved, and how more feminine and chic your outfits are right now ;) xoxo

  3. I love this outfit! I’m a huge fan of oversized sweaters, and can totally relate to you when you say that you keep collecting more every year. Also, I’m totally going to try your tip for a fake bob. I’m too scared to cut off all my hair again, and this seems like a fun and easy way to pull of the look.


  4. Another one of my favourite looks of yours to add to the collection. I’m loving the way you’ve styled the sweater with a midi length skirt and those fabulous chunky heeled boots. I think what makes it special though is the dark navy colour, as opposed to the usual black.

  5. I have a bit of an obsession with oversized sweaters too. I can’t ever have enough.

    I love that you paired the navy and blues with your (amazing) black shoes. It’s nice to see those “rules” no longer being followed.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

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  7. Love this look because I love so much Michael Kors, his brand is amazing and this look too. The sweater is so cute and lovely, the way you mix it with the middle skirt is perfect and the color is very beautiful. These boots are super rock and super chic, their are my new obsession. The bag… the bag is pure love, adore it

  8. I’ve been looking for boots like this for ages!! love them! Which one’s are they exactly?

  9. I love navy blue! For some reason I always pick navy blue skirts and shorts. They go with almost everything :)

  10. Love the proportions here, you pull off the longer lengths of jumper and skirt so well. The avy makes for a lovely change from black too, particularly with the gold jewels!

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  12. omg I’m so in love with your outfit! and you’re looking GORGEOUS! xx

  13. I love your boots!

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  14. The cozy sweater in deep blue makes the causal sweater can be worn as a dressy piece. I like the idea of wearing sweater with the skirt but feel the skirt is slightly long for the oversize sweater.
    Love MK accessories.
    Please visit

  15. I’ve just got home from shopping having picked up a navy sweater dress, then I read this post…amazing! Great minds shop/blog alike

  16. I’ve just got home from shopping having picked up a navy sweater dress, then I read this post…amazing! Great minds shop/blog alike

  17. Yes! In San Francisco, it is so important to have functional shoes. Almost too important, so we have a rep as a casual, non-fashion city.

    Which is too bad, because there are people with a lot of great style. They specialize in outfits that you could actually wear all day.

  18. That navy blue sweater is so flattering, I love how you paired the casual sweater with a skirt to make for a more formal look.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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  21. So chic and timeless. Love the Michael Kors satchel and the shade of blue and how it compares but also contrasts with the chunky knit sweater. Very smart.

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