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What to do in Munich When You Miss Your Flight.



What to do when you miss a flight and have half a day to spare? You explore the city and go shopping!

I was en route to Ibiza from New York with my sister and had a connecting flight in Munich, Germany. Because we slept through almost the entire flight to Munich we missed all of our meals so we decided to grab something really quick to eat at the Munich airport. Little did we know, when Germans say boarding time is at 8:30, you better get your ass on that plane at 8:30 or else, they won’t let you on the plane. We had about 15-20 minutes until take off but the airline wouldn’t let us board the plane and had already loaded off our checked baggage. Unfortunately there were no other flights to Ibiza that day until later at night so at first I was frustrated as a frequent traveler (I mean, I’m on a plane at least once a week and always board last minute) I’ve never had an airline refuse me from boarding 15 minutes before take off but you know, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Instead of being stuck at the airport dreading life and wasting time (or getting work done and answering emails like I should’ve been doing) we decided to explore Munich.

We stored our luggages at the airport, asked the cab driver to o the downtown area where we can go shopping!

hermes bracelets

First stop, Hermes. I just wanted to go inside and drool over all the pretty pieces. My friend Sabrina was getting a bracelet for her and while she was choosing her bracelets I tried on almost every gold Hermes bracelet they had. Ummm hello, I’m obsessed with this diamond covered Hermes bracelet and I couldn’t stop thinking about that one song, ‘I got a condo (a mansion in some states) on my wrist, girl I’m cashing out.’

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

(wearing a 3×1 Classic Denim Jacket on my waist, Res Denim Shortssimilar, Chanel Espadrilles)

Next? I really wanted to get a small black bag so we all went to Saint Laurent which was right by the Hermes store. Ok, all of us spent about an hour in this store and every one of us walked out with a bag. I really wanted to get a black bag but I couldn’t deny my love for a pop of red, so I ended up getting the red Saint Laurent bag with the gold chain tassel. Man, whenever I splurge on a handbag I always either choose red or blue. Always. I don’t know why every bag looks so much better in red or blue! I guess I just really love a pop if color!

Dani got the smaller version in black. I’m already planning on borrowing it from her. That’s what sisters are for right?

herringbone floorsmarion heinrichThanks to Instagram and twitter, someone suggested that we check out Marion Heinrich which was a few blocks away. It’s a cool store that carries different high end designers from Alaïa to Tom Ford. Ok, this was my favorite store to shop because the design of the store was right up my alley and they carried so many great designers plus we lucked out because a lot of the pieces were on sale.

python sandalsCool python mule sandals from Carritz.I was on a hunt for sandals that you can easily slip in and out of and found these cool python sandals in gold and black. I naturally love gold but it was hard to decide between the cool black and edgy gold. I ended up picking the gold one but kind of wish I got both. #fashiongirlproblemstom ford interiorSome of the designers have their own spaces here. This one belongs to Tom Ford. How sexy is that mirror?


Even though I only spent about 6 hours touring (or rather shopping) in  Munich, I absolutely enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to come back and actually visit all the beautiful places we didn’t get the chance to visit.

photo 2Oh btw, why are there so many great looking people in Germany?  So many of them are super tall, model-esque. I mean, yes Heidi Klum you are beautiful, but the average Germans look even more gorgeous than her. They definitely won the gene pool.
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  4. I don’t think it’s just a German thing, but all European airports require you to board during boarding and if you’re late, they’ll unload your luggage. I never heard about people boarding last minute until I started reading American blogs haha.

    Glad you made it to Ibiza! I hope you enjoyed your stay!

  5. Aaah you were in Munich! My hometown! How could I have missed it!! Please let us know as soon as you come to Munich again (maybe not as spontaneous as this time ;) )
    Glad you liked the 6 hours over here! Hope you’ll have a good time in Ibiza!

    xx Tatjana

  6. Aaah you were in Munich! My hometown! How could I have missed it!! Please let us know as soon as you come to Munich again (maybe not as spontaneous as this time ;) )
    Glad you liked the 6 hours over here! Hope you’ll have a good time in Ibiza!

    xx Tatjana

  7. Sarah says on August 4, 2014

    Except… you DIDN’T explore Munich. You made a beeline for the high-end shops. I would hardly call that giving the beautiful city its due. Why not take a tour through one of the many stunning palaces near the Marienplatz? Or be on the lookout for street performers? Or indulge in some amazing German food? The list goes on.

  8. Susan says on August 4, 2014

    Love Munich! Funny, I live in Köln and always found Germans here funny-looking with too harsh features, with the exception of a few. Maybe they’re better looking in the south!

  9. So nice that you’ve been to Munich, just been there yesterday! It’s a great city. Yes you always need to be on time in Germany for flights and stuff, I didn’t know it’s not that way in other countries! haha

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  11. Like you said, it was probably meant to be that you missed your flight and got to spend a few hours in Munich. Lucky you and your sister for going all out at these stores. The Carritz python sandals look absolutely gorgeous – but I think you made the right choice buying the gold pair.

    I think you should have explored the city a bit more – not just shopping. Oh, well, maybe next time! x

    Lubna | ELLE VOX