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Scallop Bikini and Kimono



I love wearing kimonos from the streets to the beach. They’re so light and easy to wear so I always pack at least one when I’m traveling. I find them so easy to wear. Whether you’re wearing them with denim cut offs, boyfriend jeans, or a dress, kimonos definitely turn any basic outfit into something more. song-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikini-kimonosong-of-style-ibiza-kimono-2song-of-style-scallop-bikini-printed-shorts-embellished-clutch

Mixing prints again but keeping them in the same color family so it’s not too crazy!song-of-style-ibiza-kimono-jcrew-shortssong-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikini-embellished-clutchsong-of-style-jcrew-shortssong-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikinisong-of-style-ibiza-beach

Partygoers waiting for the beach party. By the time the sun went down (this was taken around 8pm) the beach was paaaacked. song-of-style-ibiza-daybed


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  2. I must admit something. I fell like I’m living vicariously through you in your travels. Everything is so well documented, it’s as if I was there too. Not to mention you are flawlessly beautiful. Keep up the great work, Aimee!

    Peace&Love, Paku


  3. Beautiful photos! I love that bikini as well. Such a rich blue. I am always on a hunt for bathing suits that look as beautiful as they are functional (I love the water too much to not jump in hehe).



  4. Beautifuuuuul!
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  5. I love your shorts, they are so cute! The combination of prints in the same colours looks fab too. I am a huge kimono fan too – they are so easy to wear and come in handy all the time!

  6. karissa says on August 28, 2014

    Hello! My name is Karissa. I’ve been “following” you (creepy) for a long time now and I’ve always been so incredibly obsessed with your effortless style. I have a quick question. How did you design your website. I’m looking for a chic, minimalistic look to my blog and I’m loving what you have going on. If you can, please send some info my way a and I will be so grateful.
    Instagram @karissamariie

  7. I love the colors and prints!

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  8. Arielle Levine says on August 28, 2014

    Wow, I need a moment. This outfit is absolutely breathtaking! Is it the weekend yet? I love the bathing suit prints mixed with the ultimate beach cover up – a kimono. My new Chinese Laundry “Tahiti” bronze sandals go so well with this. I’m packing up and heading to the beach now!

  9. Oh snaps, I am about to leave on a trip to Asia next week and didn’t even think about bringing a kimono–now I’m definitely going to bring one, more on the neutral side so I can match errrthangg. haah Loved your mixed prints look too!


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  11. Shannon says on August 28, 2014

    Kimonos are the ultimate beach cover up. Especially if you want to hide your not-so-bikini-ready-body while laying about under the sun eating. The one you’re wearing is quite pretty. You definitely mixed the patterns nicely.


  12. Couldn’t agree with you more! I just recently took my kimono from the festival grounds to the streets and loved the transformation!
    Bowtie Diary

  13. I have to agree with you a hundred times over – I’m such a huge fan of the kimono at the moment. Of course I cannot wait for summer to come around here in Australia so I can sport my own, though in saying that I never thought to style them with boyfriend jeans.

    I’m absolutely loving your prints mix and match – such a playful statement! And those cabanas – oh my! How I could spend a lot of time lazing about in one of those!


  14. love these photo’s the beach looks like heaven and i adore the scallop bikini top it’s so cute
    x ish

  15. Love this whole look! Love the scalloped detail on the bikini as well as the bright shorts and flowy kimono.
    You look gorgeous.


  16. Daniella says on August 28, 2014

    wow! stunning!

  17. I love all the different patterns you’ve got going on here. Especially that kimono – I picked up a similar one in Thailand but haven’t worn it yet. Can’t wait for (southern hemisphere) summer to arrive so that I can finally wear it.