Playa Cala Bassa in Ibiza


Ibiza, where you party all night and relax on the beach all day, errday. I had so much fun in Ibiza with my sister and a couple of girlfriends. Everyday, we either hit up the beach or the pool and at night of course, we all went out dancing off all the delicious seafood that we ate. I love dancing but I’m not much of a party person (leave that up to the other Song, Song Dani.) Some of the clubs we went to were a bit too crazy for me with too many people with scary drugged out eyes and too much oomp oomp oomp since I wasn’t used to dancing to EDM. song-of-style-seafolly-bikini-3

After dancing till 6am with no drugs (none of us do drugs) and no alcohol (just me), we went back to the hotel, slept for a couple of hours then hit up the beach and just relaxed all day. This beach called Playa Cala Bassa was about a 30-40 minute drive from the hotel we were staying at and like most of the beaches in Ibiza, the water was so clear. When all you do it eat, sleep, party, and relax, a high waisted bikini bottom is a must! song-of-style-seafolly-bikini-5song-of-style-seafolly-bikini-2song-of-style-seafolly-bikiniSeafolly Bella Rose Bikini Top
Seafolly Bella Rose High Waisted Bikini Bottom (hipster bottom here)
One Jewelry Necklace


  1. Wonderful bikini! You look beautiful and it seems you have an enjoying time there <3
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. That sounds like a great time! Who wouldn’t want to eat, party, and lay out on a beautiful beach? Great pictures

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  3. These photos are all so beautiful!

  4. Love that swimsuit!!! Your vacation sounds fun!

    ❤ Temi Truly

  5. Eva

    What a beautiful beach and love the bikini! xx

  6. Nico

    What fab bikini!

    Steal her idea lb-lc fashion blog

  7. this bathing suit is wonderful! you look amazing

  8. EMA

    Ibiza is so beautiful, but I agree with you about the crazy partying, sometimes it can be way too much… You should try Menorca, it is just as beautiful but with less tourists and crazy clubs!


  9. CC

    Such an adorable suit! Sexy without being vulgar.

  10. Piia

    Stunning bikini, high waist cuts are so flattering and the design and colours look so cool!
    Bowtie Diary

  11. Lindsey

    Very fun and flirty swimsuit! Love the high waisted bottoms!

  12. So much love for your bikini, in love! <3 The print and vibrant colors are perfect.

    xo Jenny

  13. This looks amazing, love your bikini!

    xx Cheyenne

  14. Stephanie

    Love the fun and vibrant print of the bathing suit! Perfect for Ibiza.


  15. Sasa

    Beautiful print of the bikini! Love high bottom ones<3

  16. very nice pictures, great bikini, i like that print, and so nice clear sea water
    greetings Meg

  17. Perfect bikini! Love the colours and am also sad that my summer is over but this kind of bikini will be great for the next summer then :)

  18. ish

    love the look, the bikini is so pretty that shade of yellow is so gorgeous on you
    x ish

  19. Lovely pictures and the weather looks so amazing.
    I am so jealous!

    so flattering!!
    i love the vibrant colors and the print!
    I dont want summer to end!
    great pictures!!
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  21. Eye Like Fashion

    Have heard of Ibiza’s party marathons. I love that you don’t drink as I don’t either. And you still danced all nigh going. No wonder your skin is amazing and you are always glowing.

  22. gorgeous waters! I think that’s cool you don’t need alcohol or drugs to have a good time :)

    Colour Me Classic

  23. Love seeing you in bikini! You always rock them :) Such a beautiful print <3
    New Post: Dear Sweater
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  24. Wow the beaches in Ibiza looks like a dream come true! The water looks so clear and blue <3
    XO Janina

  25. Beautiful swimsuit – lovely bright colors!

  26. Amazing swimsuit! love the neon yellow~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  27. I have been craving this bikini since I first saw it at the beginning of the summer. It is gorgeous & looks so great on you!

  28. Amazing bikini and amazing Ibiza :D
    My Showroom

  29. Such a beautiful bikini! Great pictures xoxo

  30. That water is seriously GORGEOUS!!


  31. Such a cute bikini, love the photos!! Can’t wait for next year to go to Ibiza with my bff!!


  32. Sounds like a good time! Beautiful bikini, loving the high waisted bottoms.


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  34. KJ

    Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Iza.. Love from London x KJ

  35. Mel

    Love this swim suit! It is a gorgeous pattern and colors!

  36. Hope you’re having fun, even though you are a) not drinking and b) not loving the EDM :)

    Life of Niss

  37. Beautiful waters, beautiful bikini, beautiful girl <3

    ||Sincerely Koko

  38. Gorgeous. Stunning. Radiant. I love the high waisted bottoms & the overall neon vibe. So bright & perfect during the hot summer months. :] // ☼ ☯

  39. Ibiza always sounds amazing! The perfect place to get away from it all. Love your photos!

    Kasey {preppylove}

  40. Looks beautiful there! How you got by on just a couple hours of sleep a night though, I’ll never understand! This old gal needs her beauty sleep!

  41. The bikini is gorgeous! I love the colors and the fact that it’s high waisted!

    Daisy x

  42. A gorgeous look – Ibiza sounds amazing – I don’t drink or do drugs either but I manage to have just as fun a time if not more :) xx

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  45. I’m obsessed with your swimsuit! It’s so beautiful! I LOVE the print, the design…



  46. Party, Sleep, Eat, I could do that forever haha. Beautiful bikini!

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  47. Nice drugs, no alcohol, good for young girls to read! :)

  48. miri

    Amazing bikini! Love the beach setting so much!

  49. That first photo is so good! Love these bikinis and you look really hot :)

  50. bless

    Sexy bikini…

  51. Victoria

    dreamy location and pics! love your swimsuit!

  52. You look divine girl!!!!
    I totally love your style and your attitude!
    Would love you to drop by my fashion blog.
    Love Lauren xx

  53. Sounds like the perfect holidays on Ibiza!

    Love from Munich, L

  54. Very stylish suit!!

  55. Beautiful swimsuit :)

  56. What a beautiful print on this suit! You look stunning as usual. :)

  57. Daniella


  58. That water looks amazing and your bikini is just to die for, I cannot pull off the high waisted style at ALL – you rock it!

  59. Loving this suit! The bottoms are a great retro cut, so cute!

  60. I adore the bikini! super flattering.

  61. Gorgeous swimsuit! Love the photos, the water is so clear.
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  62. I love this suit, what a fun pattern!

  63. This is one of our all time favorite bikinis of 2014. Such a popular style.

  64. Amei as fotos e o look! Parabéns *-*
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  65. I wouldn’t have picked those sunglasses for this bikini set, but I know you like your aviators ;). In any event, very cool and colorful beachwear.


  66. Keisha A

    You resemble Zhang Zi-Yi in the 3rd photo. :)

  67. Love your honesty. I must say when “reading” blogs most blogs I simply glance at the pretty pictures for inspiration but with yours I actually read the content too. Your personality comes through both visually and in your writing (even if you don’t write much).

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

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  69. This high waisted two piece is adorable! so vintage, and we love the lime green and vibrant blue.

    mabel and zora

  70. Really cool bikini

  71. HOw cool I’m sure it was fun even without alcohol and drugs!…don’t need any of that to have fun! Love your two piece and Spain is def on my bucket list :)


  72. If you really like dancing, you should try to do that.

  73. Lovely pictures! Indeed clear beaches are visible, so as your great beach look.

  74. LOVE that swimsuit!

  75. That swimsuit is stunning! <3

  76. I love your style, the water looks beautiful there!
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  77. oooh!! cute bathing suit! It is amazing looking!


    I think your swimsuit is to die for. But since I scuba dive I decided to try the neoprene swimsuit and this mexicane brand is great!

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  80. Loving the bold brights on this bikini. Checkout more bold brights in solids and prints here

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