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Black Sand Beach – Spiaggia dell’Asina



More from Vulcano! I drove the RTV with my sister on my back, down to a beautiful black sand beach called Spiaggia dell’Asina. This whole island is unreal, but this beach is definitely one of the coolest beaches I’ve ever been to because the whole sand is completely black. song-of-style-black-sand-beach-scallop-swimsuitsong-of-style-scallop-swimsuit

Wore this pretty Marysia Swim scallop swimsuit. I love all of her scallop pieces especially this one!song-of-style-scallop-swimsuit_3


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  6. Aimee! You look gorgeous ;) And you always find cool places to go for the summer. Now I know another place to go and put it on the list of places I would travel. Love you Aimee, I see you travelling so much. I kinda wonder.. don’t you miss home?


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  8. Shannon says on August 21, 2014

    I wish you had posted more photos of the beach because the colour of the sand looks really different in the variants of light. That is a really pretty swimsuit though! I like that the scalloped edges are only on the top as opposed to them usually being on the bottom part of clothing.