Black Sand Beach – Spiaggia dell’Asina


More from Vulcano! I drove the RTV with my sister on my back, down to a beautiful black sand beach called Spiaggia dell’Asina. This whole island is unreal, but this beach is definitely one of the coolest beaches I’ve ever been to because the whole sand is completely black. song-of-style-black-sand-beach-scallop-swimsuitsong-of-style-scallop-swimsuit

Wore this pretty Marysia Swim scallop swimsuit. I love all of her scallop pieces especially this one!song-of-style-scallop-swimsuit_3


  1. The detailing on that suit is so darling! And what a gorgeous backdrop! Love it!

  2. Shannon

    I wish you had posted more photos of the beach because the colour of the sand looks really different in the variants of light. That is a really pretty swimsuit though! I like that the scalloped edges are only on the top as opposed to them usually being on the bottom part of clothing.


  3. So lovely, simple and chic!

    Joua, http://www.jouatotherescue

  4. sasa

    Hot, babe! The swimsuit is perfect< 3

  5. What a dreamy backdrop. And giiirl you look gooood. xx

  6. Love your pictures from Vulcano. It looks like a lovely place. Gorgeous swimsuit too. It is definitely chic and sexy.


  7. That suit is adorable and omg I thought you had tattoos on your booty but I think its just sand lol.

  8. What a lovely classic swimsuit! And I’ve always wanted to go to a black sand beach… looks like fun!

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  9. Beautiful bathing suit. Love the classic simplicity of it!


  10. Beautiful setting and one piece!

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  12. Fantastic swimsuit! You’re so fit and look beautiful!

  13. You look great in this swimming suit. I like how simple it is but yet so elegant and feminine. :)

  14. Great swimsuit, you look beautiful in it :)

    xx Su

  15. Super cute! I especially love the scallop details.

    Maggie A

  16. pipa

    Nice post!

  17. Yaaasss! to scalloped anything lol. It’s such a dainty detail, adds a special touch to pieces.

    P.s. Rando, but I’m really glad you chose to flaunt a one-piece. Power to the underrated one-piece swimsuit!

  18. Saša Rakovec

    Wish I could be on that beach right now! YOu look great!

  19. Gorgeous pictures ! Love the detailing on your swimsuit

  20. Such a simple piece of swimsuit, yet you managed to look flawless in it!


  21. Miri

    I am in love with your swimsuit! It is beautiful!!!

  22. Great photos, I really like your swimsuit and it looks very nice on you by the way!


  23. Eye like fashion

    LOVE this swimsuit on you! All the scalloped line is so cute.

  24. The scallop detail is gorgeous, Aimee, fab photos~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  25. OMG you looks awesome <3 The swimmsuit is amazing !

  26. Looking great in that piece, and the black sand must’ve been really cool to see it and feel it beween your toes. I wonder if it had a different texture…hhmm.

    XOXO JuJu

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  28. Gorgeous swimsuit. Black sand beaches are unique and stunning, indeed. Loved the photos!
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  29. Such beautiful images – must visit this beach as soon as I get the chance!

    Love from Munich, L

  30. Your bikini is so beautiful, I love scallop bikinis as well!! You should go to Costa Rica, we have the most fantastic beaches and some are completely black-sanded too!! ;)


  31. The scalloped detail on that bathing suit is gorgeous…I usually don’t find basic one-pieces chic, but this one is perfection!

  32. Nice swimsuit, it fits you perfectly.

    Lots of love,

  33. awesome :) love the swimsuit :)

  34. Wow! you travelled so many beautiful places lately!

    Xoxo M. Akua

  35. Aimee! You look gorgeous ;) And you always find cool places to go for the summer. Now I know another place to go and put it on the list of places I would travel. Love you Aimee, I see you travelling so much. I kinda wonder.. don’t you miss home?

  36. You look beautiful and the beach seams the perfect place!

  37. Oh my, that is a seriously gorgeous piece of swimsuit!

  38. This one piece is adorable! And I love the Jennifer Zeuner necklace!!
    XO Janina

  39. Uauuu!! Lovely
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  40. Covered up yet sexy :P

  41. Love this beautiful swimsuit on you! Perfect for any beach!

  42. talk about a perfect swimsuit
    so chic
    love it to bits and pieces

    e d i o t

  43. You look amazing Aimee! and I’m in love with this swimsuit, I need something like this for next summer

  44. I just love your swimsuit! I normally prefer bikinis but this is is just perfect! <3

    Katharina x

  45. I was in Tenerife this summer, where the sand is also black, I also think it’s really cool and pretty! Love your swimsuit too!

  46. Love this black swimwear!!! The beach is awesome!!
    My Showroom

  47. This bathing suit is lovely – flattering and chic, but still a bit covered. The scenery is stunning as well! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Dimitra

    This swimsuit is so pretty and adorable!
    Lovely pictures!!

  49. I love that swim suit! You look so in shape too!! Gorgeous. xx

  50. So pretty love that one piece..ideal summer bathing suit! :)


  51. Nathalia Kalil

    It is so perfect this scallop swimsuits!!

  52. I absolutely love your scalloped swimsuit! Looks so gorgeous on you!! Perfect pictures!

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  54. Black sand beaches are so cool, until you go to walk in the sand and burn your feet! Love the swimsuit, I’m not usually a big fan of one-piece swimsuits but this one has me thinking twice.

  55. You really have a pretty figure, envy you so much.

  56. You should come to my city then, if you like black sand beach because my city have many lol.


  57. ALA

    You look greate ! I love your pictures ♥

  58. Love the detail here. Check out my blog for the latest in eyewear trends.

  59. The swimsuit is incredibly beautiful. Really nice!

  60. sabrina t.

    this swimsuit is great!!:)

    Patchwork à Porter

  61. Jessica

    Love the scalloped detail on your one-piece!

  62. You look so chic!! Beautiful swimsuit.. Kiss

  63. beautiful bikini!!

    like your body!


  64. oh my! looks so amazing! your swimsuit is so cute!

    xo, Kina

  65. Stunning photos! And I’m loving the swimsuit, it suits you so well and the scalloped edges are perfect.

  66. I really like how the sun is reflecting in each photo!
    Great black bikini


  67. Great swimsuit, stunning as always!
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  68. Wow these photos are stunning, what a gorgeous place! Loving that swimsuit too, so cute!

  69. oooh I love the swimsuit ! beautiful photos !!

    kisses ^^


  70. Really great photos! I love this swimsuit xo

  71. Love the bikini! The sand looks so interesting! good thing your bikini wasn’t white haha

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  74. Elle

    Beautiful swimsuit, love the scalloped edges! -Swedish model and blogger in Tokyo

  75. The scallops really make this suit! You look amazing as always! Now I need to put this beach on my must visit list!
    xo Adri

  76. bless

    Hot & sexy swimsuit..

  77. Love the simple detail on the swimsuit! (fashion/lifestyle blog)

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  79. Love the scalloped detailing on this classic swimsuit! This fits her silhouette perfectly! She would look great in Lady Lux swimsuits!

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