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Maxi Dress Dreamin’ in Fes, Morocco


I don’t usually wear maxi dresses on a day to day basis, but when I’m on vacation, I always pack at least one or two since they solve the last minute ‘what should I wear?’ problem. They’re easy to style since all you have to do is throw on an oversized scarf or a simple jacket (or even a leather jacket) to be covered up and add your favorite accessories. song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_2  song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_5
The one I’m wearing here is from Lovers + Friends, and I was drawn to the double slit situation. I’m not short, but I’m clearly no 5’10 super model, so sometimes maxi dresses can make me look short. Slits on maxi dresses create an elongating effect and are subtly sexy. song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_4 song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_moroccosong_of_style_pamela_love_necklace
As a huge fan of Pamela Love’s jewelry, the gold arrowhead pieces are my favorite from her collection. Also wore some other gold pieces from Love Goldsong_of_style_green_dresssong_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_6song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_8song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_7song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_8


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  1. You are looking very pretty in this maxi dress. You have very good taste while choosing dresses. I need your suggestion to choose wedding dress for myself. Please let me know that which will be the best for me. Thanks in advance!!
    Turquoise bridesmaid dresses

  2. I am usually so unsure about any kind of animal prints but the print on this dress is perfect! Soothing and light even though it is animal prints – lovely!

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  4. Rita Freitas says on July 18, 2014

    nice pics
    love it

  5. So nice pics from marocco. For me flat sandals to a maxi dress is a Must-Do. Love it like this, it gives the dress lightness. Your bracelet suits totally to theme marocco. many greetings

  6. So gorgeous!! When it comes to use of colour and vibrancy you are hands down my favourite blogger! You pick the most beautifully unique and colourful pieces. And you have such great to photography. And locations… and posing… You’re just great!

    How do you find such great locations to shoot against? Do you have days where you go on a hunt and list locations for the future, do people suggest them to you or do you just walk until you stumble across them each time? I’d love to know. I live in London and would love to have pictures as beautiful as yours on my blog. Great post Aimee! xx

    My YouTube: Jade Mercedes Fraser

  7. Georgi says on July 8, 2014

    WOW that dress is just stunning on you. I seriously want this look for my holiday in a few months!

  8. I love the slits on that dress! I’m a short girl, and I definitely get what you mean about maxi dresses sometimes making you look short. The color and pattern of that dress are very beautiful on you as well.

    -Helen Grace

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  10. tangoella says on July 7, 2014

    I love the snake print in colors. I am like you only wearing maxi in certain places. I love the maxi dress with cutout on top bodice so it has a balance of less top and more skirt feeling.

    Stop by

  11. The dress is stunning, I love the pattern, the double slit and your arm candy.

  12. Maxi dresses sure make a great choice when you don’t know what to wear. And everyone has those days! Bot you and Morocco look gorgeous in these pics. Your skin looks always so radiant, btw! <3

    I'm a young doctor and a fashion blogger.

    Sneak peak on my Monaco outfit now up on the blog!

  13. Yazmin says on July 7, 2014

    This dress is so beautiful :) The colour is great for the summer and Iove the print! The slit on the side looks great on you but I personally would keep my skinny legs hidden :D

    Yazmin xx

  14. Your maxi dress is so beautiful! I looks incredibly comfortable and the colour is really lovely and unique.