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Topshop in Soho, New York


Hello from New York! Finally uploading a blog post that’s not from several days ago and is actually almost real time! I’m always in New York for work and never have a free day to explore or meet with friends so that’s exactly what I did today. I went shopping at Topshop (this outfit is fresh off the racks!) had several lunches, juices, and coffee with friends, did this amazing work out using Kettle balls with my friend George, and went out for dinner. I wanted to save this matchy embroidered outfit for a special occasion like an exotic getaway or for an event with high heels, but the weather is beautiful here in New York, and I honestly I couldn’t wait to wear it as soon as I got it!song_of_style_topshop_skirt
Too many things I love about this matchy top and skirt from Topshop. From the colorful embroidery to the slit skirt, there are so many great details.song_of_style_topshop_embroidered_top
Excuse my messy unbrushed straight hair. Been walking around the city since the morning and I didn’t have time to brush it for the photos. That’s one thing I really love about New York City. I just love walking and people watching.song_of_style_embroidered_skirtsong_of_style_mackage
Photos by Scott Brasher


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  5. Wow, this outfit is so gorgeous! I love the embroidery because it gives off this cultural feel, but the purse and the sandals give the outfit a modern edge…stunning outfit, and loving the sunglasses <3

  6. Wow. The minute I saw this on you I went straight to Top Shop and bought it. Its looks high end and you wear it so well, can’t wait to add this to my wardrobe too. Inspiring as always! x Ali (Dublin, Ireland)

  7. Love this outfit! The print is gorgeous!!!
    And I love people watching in NYC too)) this city is full of interesting people!

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