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Biker Chic in Soho


AimeeSong_Soho_croc_leather_shortssong_of_style_embellished_vest_leather_shorts_mlleAimeeSong_Soho_leather_shortsAimeeSong_Soho_leather_shorts_wedgesAimeeSong_vest_leather_shortsAimeeSong_Soho_bike song_of_style_biker_chic_leather_shorts
Photos by Scott Brasher


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  1. Love this biker chic outfit! Love the shoes in particular. Absolutely beautiful.


  2. Hey, would you mind adding where I can get a t-shirt like this? Or is it a men’s tee? I have been looking for a loose v-neck fit t-shirt but all the ones I find are such a nasty stiff material.

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  4. This is so beautiful. I think what completes it is your confidence, though :) I love everything!

  5. I’m in love with your style! You’re always chic and wear beautiful creations!

  6. You’ve done a beautiful job. I love the attention to detail in your accessories like tying the colors and textures of the bracelets with those in the embellished vest. There is a lot of detail in the outfit, but the way you have put it together, it is not overpowering. YOU are wearing the outfit, the outfit is not wearing you.