Biker Chic in Soho

AimeeSong_Soho_croc_leather_shortssong_of_style_embellished_vest_leather_shorts_mlleAimeeSong_Soho_leather_shortsAimeeSong_Soho_leather_shorts_wedgesAimeeSong_vest_leather_shortsAimeeSong_Soho_bike song_of_style_biker_chic_leather_shorts
Photos by Scott Brasher


  1. Rita Freitas

    such a nice outfit!
    beautiful as always

  2. I am totally in love with this look, gorgeous

  3. Stunning and edgy look. Love the vest and the cool heels.

    xx Mira

  4. Eni

    Love the embellished vest and the leather short so much! Amazing outfit!

  5. ivanasworld

    Great vest and I like hole combination :)

  6. Nico

    So much stylish! Love that vest!!!

    Stripes and Converse, casual but not banal on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  7. Love this look! Adore the vest and shoes. Definitely biker chic!

    Suzie Q

  8. Now that is biker chic!! Super cool x


  9. Gorgeous urban rock chic look – I’m loving it :))


  10. Anielle

    Your outfit is amazing, love the vest!

  11. Love this biker chic outfit! Love the shoes in particular. Absolutely beautiful.


  12. I’m really digging that vest!


  13. Such a great look! Love that vest with those heels! SO darn cool!

  14. Natali

    You look outstanding!!! Perfect vest and shoes!

  15. So cool, i really really love this look!

    xx Su

  16. Love this edgy look! Gorgeous photos!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  17. love those shorts! hope you know the owner of that bike hahah

  18. So stylish and cool, youre looking gorgeous with this look! And I loved the photobomb on Instagram!! lol

  19. I’ve never seen before such innovative look with only black and white.

    SORTEO en el blog! I’m a Must

  20. Can always rely on you for edgy outfits, Aimee! The embellished vest is lovely~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  21. Nicole

    OMG this outfit is perfection!!! Absolutely adore the vest and those heels are perfect! ;)

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  22. Love those wedges. They can add a little bit of edge to any outfit.

    xo, Regan

  23. what a perfect outfit!

  24. I never thought that you could get any cooler, but you did! Awesome outfit!

  25. Beautiful look :)

  26. sasa

    So cool, babe! Love the vest:)

  27. Cool look!! Love the vest and your Jennifer Zeuner necklace…
    Check out my new fashionblog, just posted a sexy trench look with my beloved Jennifer Zeuner necklace…

  28. Hey, would you mind adding where I can get a t-shirt like this? Or is it a men’s tee? I have been looking for a loose v-neck fit t-shirt but all the ones I find are such a nasty stiff material.

  29. I used to work down there! I seriously miss that neighborhood. Working in Soho was incredible.

    xo Amanda

  30. Absolutely amazing look! Love the boho style lately so much! This vest is pure perfection!

  31. Lindsey

    Very edgy look! Love the beaded vest and shoes!

  32. Biker chic never looked so good! LOVE THIS!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  33. Amazing photos, love your outfit, so stylish!


  34. gorgeous!
    love the vest :)

  35. tangoella

    Very chic! A little embellished vest does a lot for the outfit.
    Stop by

  36. Eye like fashion

    In LOVE with this. It’s so cool and edgy, sexy biker chick! The shoes are amazing!!

  37. Love this look!
    It’s cool but sophisticated


  38. I am so in love with this outfit!! The wedges and vest look perfect together.

  39. I am so in love with this outfit!! The wedges and vest look perfect together.

  40. Totally love your footwear. You matched it well with the bag and shorts =)

  41. Very rocker chic. Love it!

    Style by Joules

  42. Aii

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love this outfit

  43. Love your maison scotch vest. You look so chic and glam.

  44. I’m always impressed by the way you match everything ! I love this look ! Perfect—s-e-l-f-i-e

  45. Perfect look! Love the vest and the shoes!

  46. Adore those shorts so much, love the croc detail.

    xo Jenny

  47. LOVE this outfit! Very stylish, comfy and wearable! That´s a win for me :)


  48. LOVE those shoes!! And and SOHO is by far my favorite area of NYC!


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  50. Those shoes :O, nailing it as always <3

  51. I love this whole outfit, the vest, the shorts, the wedges!

  52. ughhh you look fabulous as always! Loving that jacket & those shoes. AMAZING

  53. So beautiful, so amazing shots :D – New post <3

  54. Love the motorcycle shot. Awesome post.

    Check out the B.A.D blog…

  55. Jessica

    I am obsessed with this outfit and the vest is fabulous! I’m going to try this out with my Chinese Laundry sandals:

  56. shoelover

    Mmm yummy toes Aimee

  57. Bee

    Love your vest!

  58. How cool is that gilet! Loving the heels too Aimee.

    xx The Provoker

  59. Girl this outfit is so awesome! I love that bike shot, 100% badass :)


  60. Interesting combo! I would love to try it.

  61. love the shorts!

  62. fran

    you’re such an amazing woman!


  63. Gorgeous look! Love the reptile shorts and the vest is fantastic!

  64. Loving those shoes!! They are super versatile and I hope they are as comfy as they look. :D

  65. Those shoes are to die for! Love the whole look, you’re gorgeous!

    Inspiration for the weekend? Let’s look back at the 90s, whith style icons and fahsion trends from the decade!


  66. Just beautiful! I love that jacket!!

  67. love this look! it reminds me of Kate Moss!! xx

  68. Savannah

    This outfit looks so cool! x

  69. You A L W A Y S look super fab-glam-risque-chic all at once…so jelly!

  70. Loving those shoes and that vest Aimee! Very biker chic!
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  71. Wow! Love this post! You’re lovely as usual!
    Great job!

    Jacky | PINK Empowerment

  72. This is so beautiful. I think what completes it is your confidence, though :) I love everything!

  73. Cool and sexy, beautiful wedges and vest!!

  74. These leather shorts are absolutely chic and rock, the vest is so beautiful with all the details and these sandals are very cool. Love the handbag and these jewels

  75. This is such an amazing style. Wow, I love this combination :)

  76. I’m in love with this look! and these shorts are just perfect!

  77. I’m in love with your style! You’re always chic and wear beautiful creations!

  78. I’m in love with your style! You’re always chic and wear beautiful creations!

  79. The most beautiful blogger of the world- without a doubt! ♥


  80. gorgeous!

  81. Amazing waistcoat!! I’m headed to Glastonbury festival this weekend and am gonna use this look as style inspiration!! P.S. I’ve included you on my recent post about my favourite bloggers on :D xo

  82. you look amazing Aimee ♥

  83. Mel

    You look so effortless and chic. The shoes are definitely my favourite part of the outfit. I need something like them in my life!

  84. marcolino


  85. Gorgeous! Those shoes are so sick with that vest. Great styling as always Aimee!

    Pretty in Python

  86. You are such an inspiration!! I love your style!!



  87. Love everything about this look, especially the cool embellished vest!

  88. Sachin + Babi

    Gorgeous! A real New Yorker! You’re very inspiring ;)

    Check our new brand SB47 ;)\


  89. Everything is PERFECT here. Love the eyewear. See blog for a chance to win Sunglasses.

  90. Haute Brunette

    Love this look!!

    Haute Brunette

  91. You’ve done a beautiful job. I love the attention to detail in your accessories like tying the colors and textures of the bracelets with those in the embellished vest. There is a lot of detail in the outfit, but the way you have put it together, it is not overpowering. YOU are wearing the outfit, the outfit is not wearing you.

  92. This is such an AH-MAZING outfit!! So in love with it!

    Love from Munich, L


  93. CC

    Rough and tough, yet still so sweet!

  94. I love your style!!

  95. Tamara

    Looove your best <3

  96. Chloe

    this is gorgeous…. <3 so inspiring and i am totally falling in love with you. Would these Chinese Laundry sandals work with that? cuz I wanna try!!

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