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White Crop Top, 2 Ways.



Beautiful hot weather in Cabo calls for crop tops. During the day, I strolled around in this Cameo crop top with lace shorts for a dressy island look. Later in the evening, we had horseback riding in our agenda so I switched into the only pants that I brought (other than my jeans) for a more comfortable look. song_of_style_white_crop_top_white_lace_shortssong_of_style_white_crop_top_white_lace_shorts_4

Every summer (or spring) I love turning into lace shorts. Wear them with oversized knits, denim shirts, graphic tees, and much more… Although I probably live in my denim shorts during hot days, I love swapping it out for lace shorts for a different vibe. I love how feminine the lace trim makes these shorts. song_of_style_white_crop_top_white_lace_shorts_2song_of_style_white_crop_top_white_lace_shorts_3song_of_style_horse_cabo song_of_style_flower_crown_horseI’ve ridden horses before but never a white one, and never on a beach. My horse (and a few others) freaked out because of a plane that was flying too low. Our horses went a little wild which scared all of us, but I kind of secretly enjoyed it! Call me crazy, but I think it was also because it reminded me of the days when I used to go horseback riding with my dad as a teenager.song_of_style_horse_backriding_beachsong_of_style_beach_flower_crown


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  2. jasmine says on May 20, 2014

    Beautiful grey horse! great outfit!! but the first photo really alarmed me as you are tugging on the reins and they are high in the air!!! not good as this jabs the horses mouth and can be painful…. I have horses and have worked at riding schools for many years …..glad you had fun but please be mindful when riding …..maybe grab some natural horsewomen lesson!! lol x

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  4. Idoia says on May 16, 2014

    I don’t know if you will read this… buuut I gotta try it! haha
    I wanna buy 2 things from eluxe (of you collab, of course). One of them is (was?) the VoiLÀ sweatshirt… is it going to be made again? Or was just limited edition? :(
    (It goes without saying that these photos are gorgeous, right? hahah)