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Trench Coat and Black Distressed Skinny Jeans



Took these photos awhile back but I wanted to share my go to travel outfit. A comfy tee, a pair of ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of statement boots. It also makes for an easy go to outfit for busy days like this day when you want to be comfortable yet still chic!song_of_style_trench_coat_2song_of_style_black_skinny_jeans_trench_coat_2

Black tee and distressed skinny jeans may be a bit too casual but throw on a trench coat and these sick Beau Coops boots? Voila, an instant casual chic outfit! song_of_style_beau_coops

Love the back gold zipper details on these Beau Coops boots. song_of_style_black_skinny_jeans_trenchsong_of_style_black_skinny_jeanssong_of_style_black_skinny_jeans_2


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  4. photos look strange!!! something must be wrong with the presentation!?!?!

  5. Cool outfit! Love these black distressed jeans.

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  7. Gorgeous outfit like always, that coat is really pretty & I loooove those shoes ! Also love that when you layered those two shirts together, the white one is peeking under the other shirt a little bit, nice detail!<3


  8. I love how simple and chic the outfit is. I mean, you can’t go wrong with basics and awesome distressed jeans, but those booties are just AMAZING!!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. The second photo is just woah! Love this simple yet chic travel outfit. A pair of statement booties makes it a lot more special :)

  10. I love such easy-chic outfits. They are perfect for days when you feel horrible but don’t want to look so.

  11. While I like more simple pieces, those boots are awesome & I want a pair! I love that they’re black & white so they will still match with everything while being able to stand out. Nice outfit too.

    The Fashann Monster

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  13. This outfit is so cool and gorgeously put together! Think I need add those leo boots in my shoe collection. Love your blog Aimee!

    I’m a med student by day and a fashion blogger by night.

    A new post featuring my makeup favorites up on my blog Arctic Vanilla!


  14. Love this outfit! Exactly the kind of clothing I love to wear. Those boots are sick and l love the way you added the shoes and the trench coat to a fairly ordinary outfit.


  15. Very simple and efective..great shoes and colors!