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Overalls and Heels



Earlier last week before I headed to Dallas, I wore my green Mother Denim overalls for a busy day filled with work. I know overalls have made a huge comeback the past couple of years, and while I do appreciate the short overalls, I haven’t found that many full overalls that I like. I’ve worn my Philosophy overalls that slightly flare out last year which I loved because they were flattering and not so child-like, and these overalls are definitely my new favorite. song_of_style_green_overalls_raybansong_of_stye_mother_denim_overalls_2song_of_style_white_snakeskin_heels

With overalls, I like the bottom part to taper down and be slimmer towards the ankles so you don’t look like a farmer. Overalls are already super casual so I like to wear them with heels. Since I was going to a few different places for work, instead of my usual high heels, I resorted to low heels from Ann Taylor. I also love their block heels which are perfect for summer!song_of_stye_green_overalls_vita_fede_cartiersong_of_stye_mother_denim_overalls


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  7. Love the pairing between the bag and the overalls!
    can’t wait to see more!!

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  9. Love your haircolour Aimee, I think ombre hair is here to stay!

    This outfit is so cool, too.

    I’m a medical student and a fashion blogger living in Helsinki.

    Check out my blog Arctic Vanilla!


  10. I am addicted to overalls lately so i am in love with this outfit.
    and this shade of green only makes me more jealous!

  11. I remember seeing this outfit on your Instagram. Happy you posted it on your blog. I feel like not a lot of people can pull off overalls. They look great on you. I love the color and the way they fit you.

    Stay Styled,



  12. So comfortable and so chic! Great combination for the warmer months


  13. I just got a pair and I can’t believe I didn’t have them my closet a long time ago. They are so comfy and stylish. Love yours.

    Happy Friday!