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Making Flower Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers



As much as I love going to the Los Angeles Flower District, with a full time job and blogging full time, I usually don’t have time to go all the way to pick up flowers so I like checking out the flower selection at a grocery store like my local Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I always stock up on a few bunches of fresh flowers since they’re affordable and are perfect to brighten up my home. I am not a pro at arranging flowers but with a few tricks, I think I’m getting better at it. Here are few steps on how I put them together!

This week I was feeling a very clean and cool white, blue and green palette of roses, freesia, and hydrangeas to create a bouquet for my living room.song_of_style_grocery_flowerssong_of_style_how_to_arrange_flowers1. With a specific color palette in mind, pick the freshest flowers available from your favorite grocery store.  Keep in mind that the petals should be firm and close together as they will open up when you cut and place them in water.

2. Select a container first so you know the proper shape and height you’ll need to fill.  I prefer the minimal chic look of a glass cylinder or oval.

3. I usually separate the dozen roses into three clusters and trim them into three different heights. The tallest being approximately twice the size of the vase, then trimming the second group 1/4″ shorter, then the third group another 1/4″ shorter than the second group. Be sure to cut the stems at an angle with very sharp scissors!

4. Peel off most of the leaves, leaving a smaller cluster of leaves close to the base of the blossom. Also, remove any damaged or dying petals from the outer layers of the flowers.

5. When trimming the freesia, set aside the longest, thickest leaf to use later.  Trim the ends and make them slightly taller than the tallest group of roses.

6. Place the group of tallest roses in the center of the vase.  Insert one stem of freesia in the center of the group and then three additional freesias around the outside of the ring.

7.  Arrange the next height of Roses around, alternating more freesias and trimming as necessary.

8. Add the final group of roses and any remaining freesias to the cluster.

9. Next, the hydrangeas for some added color! Trim them to the shortest height.  The base of the blossom should rest directly above the rim of the vase.  Be careful when cutting these stems as they are much thicker than the other flowers.

10. Carefully holding the group of already prearranged freesias and roses, place the hydrangeas around them.

11. Take the group out of the vase and adjust as necessary to make the pattern as neat and tight as possible.  Secure with a rubber band.

12.  For extra points, take the freesia leaf and place vertically underneath the rubber band.  Approximately one inch should stick out from the bottom.  Then wrap the remainder of the leaf to conceal the rubber band, securing the end into the band. Place in vase with your water mixture and voila! You’ve got yourself a pretty flower arrangement!song_of_style_grocery_store_flowersAny other helpful tips for DIY florists like me? Please do share! xoxo

Photos by Jennia


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  5. It looks so pretty. I didn’t like flowers in the past, but then i realised i didn’t like them because i didn’t got them from any of my boyfriends. Now my Fiance does a lot of surprises with flowers and i love them now :)

  6. I like to buy flowers in Trader Joe’s, they always have good selection of fresh flowers and prices are really good. But have never made any arrangements, thank for this great idea!!

  7. It’s wonderful to see a post of a practical nature on Song of Style. I can’t wait to head to my local supermarket and pick up a few bunches of flowers. Unfortunately, here in Australia flowers are incredibly expensive, especially where I am on the West Coast. The things we do for the love of flowers… Well worth it though.

    I love the idea of hiding the elastic with a green leaf!

  8. Such a lovely arrangement! I love having flowers in tall vases because it adds some life inside the house. I love mixing flowers with some foliage because it adds some freshness.