Outfit Song of Style

Kate Moss for Topshop



Like many others, I’ve loved Kate Moss’ style ever since she hit the scene. Super effortless, a bit boho, a bit rocker, a bit glam, and all things chic. I’ve always loved her collabs with Topshop but always miss the chance to score anything because they always sell out so fast. This time, my fast fingers managed to click, put in cart, (they were sold out at topshop and net-a-porter but were in stock at nordstrom) and buy a star tank and this pretty bohemian folk dress.song_of_style_ferris_wheel_malibu song_of_style_kate_moss_for_topshopsong_of_style_heart_sandalsSuper in love with my new heart shaped lace up sandals from Cornetti!

Bracelets from top to bottom: Cartier Love Bracelet, Vita Fede Eclipse Bracelet, Tiffany Atlas Bangle, Vita Fede Mini Titan Stone Braceletsong_of_style_kate_moss_topshop_white_dress


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  1. Love this outfit and love your blog! I’m about to buy a pair of Cornetti sandals but want to know how they run. I have tiny feet and don’t know if a 36 will fit. Are they true to size? Thanks for the help!

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  4. Amazing outfit ! These photos are absolutely fabulous !! Wow I love them ! ♥
    Have a good day
    Love, xxx

  5. Kate Moss new collection is absolutely cool, just like her. This dress is so amazing, love it so much. These sandals are very cute and this place is perfect for the shooting. Lovely clutch

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  7. Just discovered your blog! Amazing outfit. I adore the clutch and what a beautiful design the sandals have!

  8. Love the casual boho kind of dress you are wearing! Very pretty.


  9. I absolutely love all the details of this outfit. I really turns the simple shape into a much more eye-catching ensemble.

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  11. Elizabeth Hawn says on May 24, 2014

    cute outfit!


  12. Looks gorgeous on you….wasn’t overly impressed when I saw her collection in the press…but on…this looks so much better than I thought!!