South African Penguins

aimee_song_penguins_south_africaOne of the many incredible experiences in South Africa included seeing penguins at Boulders Beach! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as warm weather penguins, so my sister and I were really fascinated by these adorable creatures! We actually got a lot closer to the penguins than you can see in the photos (a few feet away), but we were too busy trying to have them come to us that when they actually did I couldn’t get a close-up picture of them. Have you guys ever seen the movie ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ with Jim Carrey? Well, since ‘Happy Feet’ and ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ I’ve always wanted my own army of adorable penguins, and seeing them in person was such a special moment and still puts a huge grin in my face. They were just as cute in person as I imagined! aimee_song_cape_town_penguinsaimee_song_cape_town_south_africa_penguinsaimee_song_south_africa_printed_skirtThis day we also went to Cape of Good Hope which is basically the most south-western point of the African continent where we also saw wild ostriches. aimee_song_south_africa_ostriches


I wore a bikini top from Maaji swimwear and I loved the super flare-y shape of my T-bags Los Angeles skirt (seen here) so much that I got it in a different print! aimee_song_cape_town_south_africa_2aimee_song_cape_town_south_africa


  1. Wow it’s incredible to see penguins in such warm weather! What a wonderful experience!
    You look amazing as always!

  2. Wow, these penguins are so cute! You are cute too, but they are…. <33

  3. This looks like so much fun! Lovely outfit and fab piccies!

    Love from London x

    Emma from

  4. You look marvelous!! Love the beautiful photos!

    xx Mira

  5. Such an adorable post! <3 would have loved to be there!

  6. SO gorgeous! What a beautiful place! And that skirt is so breezy! Love it!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Love your style!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  8. Sublime place and pics.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Come check my new post
    See you soon

  9. Lindsey

    Love the sandals and bikini top!

  10. Your colorful outfit and these landscape are stunning together!

  11. i didnt know you got warm weather penguins either. cute beach outfit

  12. This is a pretty fabulous outfit, especially for meeting penguins! But can I just say that you were WAY to close to those ostriches?! Aren’t they supposed to be horrible and aggressive and ABSURDLY FAST?!

    Looks like a great trip!

  13. Wow, it really looks wonderful there


  14. Your outfit is so cute! Love penguins, they are the cutest things ever!

  15. Penguins are definitively a super cute animal! Must’ve been a great experience to see them live :)

  16. Awesome photos! The penguins are too cute : )

  17. This is the first ice heard of warm weather penguins. How adorable! This trip looks like it was so amazing. Love your sandals so much!

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  18. Incredibly beautiful photos!!.. You are so lucky to have the chance to visit this place… Loved the lace up sandals!!

  19. These photos are stunning! I love what you’re wearing! The shoes are gorgeous!

    Daisy x

  20. These pics are amazing and you look so cool!

    Viky — MySecretPoison

  21. Cute skirt & photos – I absolutely love penguins!

  22. in love w/ the lace up heels!!!!!

    I invite u to visit my blog and Instagram, check out the outfits. see u there!!! XXX

  23. Love the skirt! The pics are amazing!

  24. Love the mix!!

  25. Wow, what scenery. The penguins are too cute!


  26. beautiful beach and cute penguins! I wan to meet them
    love the skirrrt!! the print is amazing
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

  27. These pictures are amazing, I love the patterns on both the items.

    xoxo, S
    check out my personal blog ♡

  28. Benedetta

    Amazing pics and place!!!loveit!!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  29. sasa

    Beautiful pictures and outfit! Love them all:) XO

  30. Love this!!!! So cute :)

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  31. Wow, that looks amazing! So fun and beautiful! How cute are those penguins?! xo

  32. Amazing pictures ! I would love to see penguins in real life. They seem so adorable

  33. What an amazing post! I love love your shoes!!

  34. Nico

    Spectacular shots and I love your outfit!!

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  35. It’s beautiful and I love your outfit!

  36. Beautiful beach, Beautiful you :)

  37. loving all the prints you combined here – and those photos are incredible! I wish I were there…

  38. Love that top!

    XOXO Maud


  39. Alison

    This looks like so much fun! and a great casual vacay outfit to match xx

    Pretty in Python

  40. South Africa make you look even better!
    Like from

  41. Your pictures are amazing! Must of been so cool to see all the penguins. Love the mixes of your top and skirt. You look great. Can’t wait to see your pics from Dallas and now Cabo!

    Stay Styled,


  42. Such a pretty look, and beautiful photos!! South Africa looks like paradise!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  43. Nice photos, love your outfit!


  44. Amazing nature! Love your skirt, so pretty! x

  45. pia

    Beautiful Outfit! I love those gorgeous sandals :)

  46. lovely skirt. I adore your look


  47. Oh my gosh those penguins are adorable! Loving your look too, those shoes are too cute!

  48. This looks so amazing, I am very jealous ♥
    I love your beach outfit :))

  49. Angelina

    LOVE these sandals and the photos of South Africa are incredible.

    Hope you had a great time!


  50. Omg, this is amazing!!!

  51. It´s ingredible to see penguins in South Africa! Lovely photos!

  52. You’re really the best at mixing different patterns!

  53. love this capture and your sandal!

  54. We at Monthly Favorites love you and your blog! You are our Monthly Favorite!

  55. Love the mix and the penguins!!

    New post on my blog!

  56. Wow! I love the clarity of these photos! You look great.

  57. I love Boulders Beach! They really are the cutest things and amazing how close you can get to them!

    Sophie x

  58. Beautiful photos! I remember a childhood experience that my younger brother and I were invited to meet a few “famous” (penguins that have been in various films and television productions) and it was just a dream come true! Such a special memory that I will always treasure…penguins are such adorably fascinating creatures.

    xxAuna |

  59. LOVE this post. the photos ar incredible!

  60. Loving so much that paradise place!!!
    And your outfit is awesome, really flawless patterns
    missing so much summertime
    xx from

  61. Fantastic photos! Never knew there were warm water penguins either!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  62. Ah I am such a penguin lover!!


  63. Stunning view! Wow your summery outfit is on point too, you pretty much rock anything! :)


  64. Nice
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  65. Amazing pictures!
    You´re so beautiful

    heartbeat blog

  66. I love the mixed prints in all the outfits!
    I never would have guessed that there would be penguins in South Africa of all places!


  67. Your pictures are lovely, Aimee. It must have been such a wonderful surprise to see penguins in warm weather. Also, I absolutely love your outfit! I love how you mixed those prints together.
    -Helen Grace

  68. Nicole

    Omg stunning photos!! The penguins are adorable <3 And I'm loving your outfit sooo much!! :)


  69. I LOVE that skirt! You’re fearless when it comes to patterns and that’s really refreshing :) And those penguins look so cute, you’re so lucky to have had that awesome experienced with them :D

  70. Yie

    Boulders Beach is too gorgeous. Looking great as always!

  71. Love the print clash against the beautiful blue water!


  72. That beach!!!!! How is that even possible?! I seriously have to go to South-Africa ASAP!

    x Savannah

  73. Wow this is amazing! I’m going to have to add it to my travel list!!

  74. i love Cape Town… truly paradise!!

  75. You really are awesome penguin. I liked you a lot, especially sandelet..

  76. Penguins! That’s so cute!!!

    Love the print of your skirt

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  79. Beautiful photos, the colours look so vivid! You look gorgeous, as always.

    Beth xo.

  80. Rita Freitas

    nice outfit and cute penguins!

  81. Such vivid photos! That beach is amazing.

  82. stunning pictures !! the penguins are so cute <3
    xoxo manu

  83. Beautiful bikini! The clutch is perfect too.

  84. Great combo Aimee! Do the lace up flats come in a heel version? Love your photos! xx

  85. I just love these pictures. The penguins are so adorable and I didn’t know that they live in South Africa either.
    Your outfit is great. Love your shoes. I had never seen anything more elegant for the beach before. xx

  86. It’s cray that those penguins are there!

    Cindy’s Little Black Book

  87. I am so thrilled that you captured beautiful scenery of my country, SA. Many people do not see it’s local beauty. BTW, the photography is marvelous girl!

    I love the skirt, it creates the illusion of bigger assets, lol. And the patterns complement your top, love! I had to follow this blog to get some fashion inspiration…

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