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Desert Pool Party at Coachella


song_of_style_lacoste Coachella may be over for me but I’m still reliving it with these photos. Despite not having been at Coachella all day or party hopping as much as other people I know, and not drinking alcohol or do drugs, I am still so exhausted from Coachella weekend. No matter how many years I’ve been to Coachella, I feel as if I’m never fully prepared for it. Every year, Coachella seems to be more intense with more people, better fashion (sometimes a bit too ott?) and more parties. If you plan to go in the future, do bring comfortable footwear, prepare for the random dust storms (bring a scarf or a light jacket to cover your face!), bring an extra outfit or two, and extra sunglasses (one year my sister dropped her sunglasses and as soon as she tried to pick them up, I accidentally stepped on them while jumping up and down. oops!)song_of_style_lacoste_coachella song_of_style_lace_shorts In between the Coachella madness, I hung out at the Lacoste Live Desert Pool Party.  I have to admit I’m more of a shoe person than a handbag person, but I’ve been a fan of Botkier bags for such a long time. They’re more on the affordable side, extremely stylish yet super practical. What’s not to love?song_of_style_coachellasong_of_style_lace_shorts_lace_up_sandalsLace shorts and lace-up sandals are my idea of being chic at a pool party. Warning, you might get weird tan lines if you don’t wear sufficient sunscreen.song_of_style_crop_top_lace_shorts_2


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  6. I love this look, that top is so cute and the shorts just make it much more feminine. I like that you added some color in with the clutch.

    Also, for your readers, I currently have a contest on my blog. The prize is a $50 visa/mastercard gift card for submitting your outfit via a new fashion app. I’d love to see everyone’s submissions! Details for entry are on my blog!


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