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Belted In Paris


song_of_style_camo_jacket_5Taking you guys back to Paris with these photos from last month. The crisp cold air of Paris had me piling on my outerwear. Sometimes layering can make you look a bit frumpy, so I belted my camo jacket to give me some shape and of course wore my favorite pieces from the Tiffany & Co. ATLAS Collection.

My everyday jewelry consists of some pieces from the ATLAS Collection from Tiffany & Co. so imagine my delight when Tiffany & Co. came out with their newest pieces. I’m especially obsessed with the big roman numeral cuff (available in June). It makes such a statement, that I didn’t feel the need to wear my other bracelets. That bracelet needed to be on its own. Of course, I couldn’t resist wearing the cuff with the dainty rings also from the collection. song_of_style_camo_1

I’m always wearing a few dainty necklaces or even a statement necklace but since I was covered up with a scarf I decided to add some bling by adding these hoop earrings with dainty roman numerals around them. song_of_style_camo_jacket_2song_of_style_camo_jacket_4song_of_style_camo_jacket_3


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  2. God, I am sorry but this outfit is HORRIBLE. Green and red together? Camo and Leopard together? Grey and brown together? Summer capris and a winter scarf? White pants on a rainy day in Paris? Pink lipstick and a red bag? I’d let you get away with one or two of those but my god, all of them all together? Please, try a little harder or try a little less, this is a disaster? You are lovely I am sure but please with your outfit choices have some discretion?

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  5. Tracy says on April 3, 2014

    Um no…the whole thing is wrong, I love mixing prints but this doesn’t work, and then to crown it off your shoes are too big..
    Normally you are right on the mark…