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In Tokyo with Michael Kors

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song_of_style_michael_kors_3Remember awhile back I went to Tokyo with Michael Kors? I also got the pleasure of trying on some of their spring pieces for a lil’ shoot we did in cute spots in Tokyo! You can check out the photos here as well as my mini interview with Destination Kors! xosong_of_style_michael_kors_2song_of_style_michael_korssong_of_style_michael_kors_surf_boardsong_of_style_blue_nails


  1. I love both of the looks! the first one is my favorite. maybe because the second one reminds me of summer and i would really like to be able to wear something like that so i am just bitter haha:)
    so glad you had a chance for such an experience x

  2. You look amazing in his collection for spring! That B&W canvas Selma is one of my favorites out of his new handbags!

    Check out my blog:

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  5. You´re so lucky to visit those fantastic places! The bag, top and shoes in first pic are fabulous

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  7. @ classic and chic looks. Have a safe and wonderful time on your trip.



  8. Natalia says on March 28, 2014

    Fantastic outfits & bag ❤️ In love with Michael Kors Collections

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