Parisian Blues

aimee_song_sequin_top_eiffel_tower_2How could I not take a photo with the Eiffel (even if it’s from a distance) when I’m in Paris? Like many of my outfit photos’ locations, this impromptu photo shoot for the blog happened when Wesley Mason and I were walking to catch a cab right before it started sprinkling. Talk about perfect timing! aimee_song_pfw_blue_leopard_coatNow for the outfit. Let’s play a guessing game. Can you guess what my favorite color is? As if it wasn’t obvious, it’s blue! This outfit just came about when I wanted to dress up my sequin tee (worn casually here) and it’s a good thing I didn’t have a blue clutch and heels, because I probably would’ve worn them all just to be super matchy-matchy!aimee_song_sequin_tshirtBreaking up the blue with a patterned floral clutch from Givenchy. The roman numeral cuff is from Tiffany & Co. aimee_song_sequin_top_eiffel_tower_5aimee_song_sequin_top_eiffel_tower


  1. Wow this skirt is so beautiful, very very parisian. The coat is amazing, so chic and the mix with the tee is so cool. Love so much these booties, they are very fancy. Perfect place for the shooting

  2. Super stylish and chic outfit + Eiffel tower in the background – can’t be better :)

  3. Eva

    Love how you paired these two different materials and prints as one look, beautiful! xx GIVEAWAY TIME

  4. I love the color blue as well and I love the outift. Skirts like this one always look so great on you. xx

  5. Oh that mix of patterns is beautiful! Makes me miss Paris as well!

  6. This makes me super excited for our trip coming up in May. Gorgeous photos!! Such a pretty skirt! FashionEdible

  7. Mixing prints so flawlessly, loving the sequins Aimee!



  8. What I love most about this outfit is the different textures! So inspiring <3

  9. Great outfit! I love the colors and the textures and you make it all look so effortless!


  10. Ok, I’m seriously dying for this whole look! Everything is so perfectly put together. The textures that you have paired are so interesting and the shades of blue are gorgeous. Fabulous look!

  11. What a stunning look! It’s so gorgeous I want every item you’re wearing hahaha

  12. pia

    This photos are gorgeous! They go so well with your background since Paris is all about the chic :)

  13. Adore the skirt the most, love the structured a-line and the print is cute ;)

  14. The skirt is everything and love the whole look, very nice!

    Greetings from London,

  15. Lucy

    Really love this! That colour is amazing on you xx

  16. Love all those blues, look great with the sequins

  17. I love the spring feel to this outfit. I also adore the contrast the clutch provide the outfit with Xx Elle

  18. You’re the print mix goddess!!! Such a great look! All shades blue.



  19. Talk about a perfect combination! I love that Bloomingdale’s skirt <3

  20. Wow, you look gorgeous as always!!!
    Loving your blue combo with different patterns.

    Love from Germany, L


  21. I like the way you handle so many prints in one outfit.
    Your golden cuff is a great piece! Timeless, elegant and chic.

  22. love the look, the play of pattern and blue hues is amazing!


  23. beautiful figured skirt. <3

    xo A.

  24. I love the burst of patterns! That skirt and that coat! Gorgeous! Love it!


  25. All those shades of blue look even better in Paris!!! ;)

  26. ivanasworld

    awesome look and pictures :)

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  29. love that mix and match! so beautiful style
    fashion blogger pamela soluri

  30. Love the place and the outfit is great!

    Kisses dear

  31. love this outfit! I love how you mix patterns and colors! so much fun!

  32. Such a stunning outfit and beautifully stands out on the background of grey surrounding. <3 xoxo

  33. I love how your outfits are always so fun & colourful. Beautiful photos!

    Love from Barcelona x

    Emma from Electric Soiree

  34. I love blue! This skirt is really pretty and so many patterns going on I like it
    Fashion blog:

  35. I’m really into the blue right now, so I love this outfit!!

  36. I can’t believe this outfit! it’s so unconventionally perfect! x

  37. love the patter of the skirt! blue is perfect :)

  38. Seriously gorgeous outfit! Love the colors!


  39. sasa

    Love the coat! Beautiful colors:) <3

    New on

  40. Oh wow such a gorgeous look, all the blue is so lovely!

  41. you’re a champ for walking so much in heels! love the booties <3

  42. I love the addition of the Givenchy floral clutch. It really works with the clashing prints & I agree – couldn’t go to Paris & forget about the Eiffel tower.

    The Fashann Monster

  43. Mixing prints can be tricky, but you nailed it!

    x Kenzie

  44. Wow….you seriously can pull ANYTHING off!! I love those flash lenses sunglasses paired with that sequin top…..gorgeous! Oh, and the Eiffel Tower in the background isn’t too bad either :)

    You’re quite the style inspiration.

  45. I love all the prints going on! Especially with your mirrored shades… a very chic look for Paris. xo, Natalie

  46. Such a genius and pretty pairing of prints!

  47. jas

    LOVE the clutch. i have the shark teeth/flower version.

    reckless abandon

  48. Beautiful skirt! Love the prints :)


  49. Great mix!!

  50. You pull this look off really well! LOVE the clutch
    With Love,

  51. Pero que guapísima estas, me encanta el look, la falda es preciosa y las fotos con ese fondo de París son maravillosas


  52. Beautiful photos and super stylish outfit xx

  53. such a gorgeous outfit! Really exceptional!

  54. Wow what an amazing look!!! That clutch is so great

  55. Print mixing perfection. This is my favourite look of your recent outfits Aimee!
    Hugs xoxo

  56. I love the way you’ve mixed all the different prints and shades of blue here – it can be so tricky to get right but you have pulled it off with aplomb.

  57. The floral clutch is gorgeous, also the skirt and boots, love the way you match different prints on the same outfit

  58. Loving the sequins, so frenchy, oh so chic xx

  59. Very nice look!
    If you want try to visite my blog on :)
    facebook:RDM fashion life :)
    see you soon!xoxo

  60. Love your mix of all the blues! The Eiffel tower is icing on the cake with these pics.

  61. I love the photos and the whole outfit looks really fabulous!


  62. Who said you can’t mix different prints together? Your combo looks so beautiful!! :)

    Lu ❤

  63. Love the mix of print and colors of this outfit! Looking fab!

  64. Love the patterns in the skirt! Love the Colors used in this look!

  65. Lovely outfit. The skirt is very nice! I like the way you look. If you have a minute visit my blog, new post up today!


  66. You look stunning! Love every piece of your outfit

  67. i love all of these colors! that skirt is gorgeous!


  68. Love the Clutch!

  69. Loving the pattern on this skirt! x

  70. So chic! Love the blues, looks amazing :)

  71. stunning look !! love the Givenchy clutch <3
    xoxo manu

  72. OMG, I’m dying over the Givenchy clutch!

  73. Alexa


  74. My favorite color is blue too! I love how you mixed all the different patterns, but tied them all together with the blue color theme.


  75. I love everything about this. You outfit works so well together and the Eiffel Tower in the background is just like icing on top.

  76. Beautiful outfit! I love that top!

    xo Amanda

  77. Love how all the blue is broken down by shade/print! Absolutely in love with that skirt, it’s gorgeous… just like this entire outfit!


  78. Such an interesting mix of prints! Really inspiring to see such amazing styling. I definitely want to start using bold colours and prints in my looks more :)


  79. Love how you mixed all these pattern <3

  80. Tamara González

    Amazing boots and skirt!

  81. lauren

    who makes those sunglasses???

  82. The prints were mixed so well!
    A gorgeous lady deserves a gorgeous background!
    Aimee + Paris = LOVE

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