Short Suit and Red Bottoms

song_of_style_christian_louboutin_celineOn my last day on PFW, I wore a short suit and trench coat from Zadig & Voltaire. A bit menswear inspired, if I had to wear a suit to work, this is what I envision. Also, a bit Pharell inspired, no?song_of_style_after_louise_vuitton_pfwsong_of_style_celine_trench_coatI styled my short suit and trench coat with Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spike Pumps and my newest acquisition, a Céline Edge bag. I love the sleek design on this bag, and the bright red (it’s a really happy red!) satisfies my need for color! It was definitely an investment but I knew I’d wear it with a lot of different outfits, so I treated myself.  song_of_style_python_collar_trenchsong_of_style_python_print_trenchMy favorite thing about this trench is the python print collar. It’s such a cool detail! Makes poppin’ my collar so much fun!song_of_style_short_suit_trench_coatsong_of_style_snakeskin_collar_trenchsong_of_style_short_suit_trench_coat_2


  1. So classy! Love it!

    XX Nora /

  2. fantastic look
    you look stunning

  3. You look freaking gorgeous (as you always do), babe! I especially love your suit! <3

    Nailed it again!



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  4. You really look great! The bag is beautiful and it’s definitely a good investment! ^^

  5. I saw your look in another website and I completely loved it! Your shoes are wonderful.

    “Triple Denim” Blog post on:

  6. Love this outfit, suits you really well :) I love that you went for the big Céline bag, it’s perfect!

  7. Amazing trench coat and, or course, the shoes! Short suit? Good Idea!


  8. yes the collar is so fantastic ! a great detail!
    I really love this look, so chic and professional! Perfect!

    Xo, Giada

  9. This suit is so amazing and terrible chic! It’s perfect, so original, you look tres jolie. The trench is the golden touch. Love so much these heels, they are on the top of my wish list

  10. That is nice!

  11. pia

    I’m in love with this outfit! And your shoes are perfect!

  12. oomg that trench coat and those heels – love love love


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  14. Jo

    So amazing in this outfit!!!
    You rock girl

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  15. Nico

    So chic and elegant, I love all these details!

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  16. Hi, AIMEEE! you look simply chic and super stylish! like a very successful business lady! love the attitude! <3 xoxo

  17. I’m really loving that snakeskin print on the trench! A definite surprise!

  18. i actually love the trench coat, such nice details! and the bag of course is love


  19. love how you consistently have color in your handbag choices!

  20. Love that Celine bag. Hope you had fun in Paris. I always loved the men’s inspired look. =)


  21. LOVE the classy take on shorts and I don’t think I need to say anything about the shoes.
    xox Logan

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  23. Gorgeous and classy look! Love the bag :)


  24. I agree, very Pharell inspired and the shoes are just perfect!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Definitely Pharell inspired but you wore it better. I just love men’s inspired outfits. Those shoes are hot

  26. sasa

    Love the loubs and celine:) <3

    New on

  27. What a fun outfit. I especially love the print detail on the back of the collar of the jacket! Amazing

  28. quelle belle fille! You look so damn expensive! Love it all

  29. OMG! The edge bag! You are ROCKING it Aimee! By the way, I just the detailed post on THE CHANEL SHOPPING CENTER in PARIS! Seriously! Watch me ‘cliche-ly’ play with Coco cookie boxes, stalk RIHANNA, and push around a Chanel shopping cart and shop like an insatiable looter! It was my highlight of Paris Fashion Week. <3 #CHANEL

    xx The Provoker

  30. Great shorts suit! It’s chic and very unexpected! LOVE the trench with it as it dresses it up more. And that snakesprint and studded heels!!!

    NEW POST up…


  31. Kim

    So profesh! Obsessed with the heels and bag of course!


  32. You look absolutely incredible! Love the look! xo Kelly

  33. I love everything about this look! The pant suit is so different, but fabulous! And that python touch, so so so wonderful!
    An Unblurred Lady

  34. pipa

    Very classy and chic!!!

  35. Adore that collar so much, it’s like a little punch with the spiked heels ;)

  36. So classy and cool. The heels are to die for.

    xx Mira

  37. i’m obsessed with your bag. stunner!

  38. I loooove the bag, it´s just perfect.xo


  39. Loving the edgy tailored look babes.

    Sophie x

  40. I LOVE that BAG … :)

  41. I love this outfit. The trench coat is perfect, I love the python details on the collar


  42. Wow Aimee! You’ve totally transformed into a power chick! I adore the collar on your trench – that along with your bag & heels totally steal the show!
    Hugs xoxo

  43. Absolutely love this look!!! And as you say the python collar is such a great detail!!

  44. I really love how you’ve styled the shorts suit – it can be tricky, but you’ve managed to walk the line between feminine and masculine perfectly. And I love the snake print detail on that trench too – it’s the little things!

  45. love the detailing on your coat! you look stunning! You’re one of very few who can pull off such a look!

  46. Short suit is fabulous, heels and bag stunning!

  47. The short suit is so chic! I absolutely love your Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spike Pumps!

  48. So classy and chic! I agree, Celine are great investments. You work hard so you deserve it anyway! xx

  49. Lindsey

    Such an elegant look! Really love the suit and trench coat!

  50. This is definitely the best outfit of your FW looks!!

    Love from Germany, L


  51. love the python collar on the trench coat and this is an outfit I can see wearing to a very serious work place. it’s stylish but sexy. love it.
    xo Belen, Androbel Insider

  52. Perfect outfit, so beautiful!!

    heartbeat blog

  53. Fabulous short-suit! Classy but still fun,

  54. This has to be my favorite outfit of yours ever! You look incredible and that suit is so perfectly tailored …chic at its finest! X

  55. Jen

    Loving this look! Bag is amazing! x

  56. wow what a refreshing take on the suit. I have never thought of long shorts before how interesting. I think I digg it. And that trench with the collar wow! what a pleasant surprise. I probably would have paired this look with a nude patent loub pump but that rocker-esque one still goes. and that purse wow so sophisticated!! love it. I need that handbag! wow


  57. So classy, I love. The shoes are beautiful!

  58. I love every part of this look! That collar on that trench is so interesting and I love the short suit. Congrats on the new bag. It’s gorgeous!

  59. Definitely a poppin’ collar! Love your suit inspired looks~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  60. I love your outfit, the bag is amazing!!
    New post up on my blog! Check it out!

  61. Classic! Love love love this look on you :))))
    New Post: Navy
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  62. The details in the collar are amazing and I love the pop of color in the bag!

  63. sarah

    The only person who could rock this! Xx

  64. You can really pull any outfit off! Great job once again! Xoxo

  65. Nice pic and clothes! Very Chic!
    I love the chic things look at this
    You`ll love it

  66. vanessa

    omg the loubis are to die for!


  67. I love the trench! I recently did a post on a look for less where I was able to find a trench coat for $30!

  68. song of style is right! you have style girlfriend, that suit is on point!

    check my blog:

  69. This looks absolutely amazing! Love the short suit, gotta get me one of those.

  70. I wish I could wear a short suit like this to work. The loubutins just kill it, amazing outfit

  71. This look is absolutely gorgeous! I’m jealous that you can pull casual and tailored .. you look fantastic. And the shoes are just to die for.

    Beth xo.

  72. LOVE this look! Those shoes and that Celine bag are just AMAZING!! ❤❤❤


  73. I love that Celine edge bag so much!! <3 <3 <3

  74. Love this outfit!!.. It is so clssy and stylish… The shoes are to die for!!

  75. You look amazing and your new bag is simply stunning!

  76. Love absolutely everything! The coat is amazing with its collar, kind of like Burberry’s, and the suit is fantastic with the bag and heels! ;)

  77. Fantastic look! Very pretty and fabulous!
    Have a nice day!
    Coquet élégance

  78. I love the shoes, but i don’t like the short suit at all.

  79. Beautiful look on you. I love the purse with the shoe combination.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  80. You look so incredibly chic with the short suit!! And that collar on the trench coat…amazing! :)

  81. Love those Christian Louboutins!


  82. I want more stuff

    I would have the illest style if I had $2000 for every outfit. I’d have even better style if I got things for free! None of these items are realistic for me to own and it makes me kind of melancholy about it.

  83. Fi

    fantastic. i love the little details on your trench coat.

    xx Fi

  84. Love this look! I first actually saw it on the instagram page justinpire and I recognised you bracelets and had to come here to see the full look!! P.S. they don’t always credit you (naughty naughty) so you may want to talk to them about that as they use your fantastic photos a lot! You could get a lot more followers if they’d just credit you. Anyway, love this look! Esp the popped collar and Loubs! xx

  85. Amazing, love this look. Especially the shoes xx


  86. MD

    The short suit is quite different and daring! You wear it really well! And I loooove your coat and bag!! Just so classy.


  87. Everything is perfect about this look! The cut, the color, the accessories…

  88. Those heels are amazing!


  89. Those shoes are to die for! I am loving the coat + suit combo. You know how to pull it off well!

  90. Cristina

    OK, this has to be said: your heels are too big!!
    Try to go smaller. It will not only look correct, but it will be more comfortable for you.

  91. You look very good!

  92. Me encanta el detalle del cuello, y el bolso me tiene loca! ;)

  93. Love total❤️❤️perfect look with some of my favorite brands

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